YA BABY SPIDER-MAN! – Bigpuffer Plays SpiderMan Miles Morales #1

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First time playing the Miles Morales Spider-Man Game! I’ve played the original one before off recording and alone but I’ve never played this one before, so I played through it to prepare for Spider-Man 2!

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  1. Commenting this on every PufferPlays video until he plays it or until he reacts to this.

  2. If this gets enough likes he should play the first spider man

  3. The Spider-Man game before miles morales has three dlc if you didn’t know

  4. Just as a forewarning, the into the spider verse suit can fuck with your eyes a little

  5. I loved it when puffer became miles and started to milesing all over the place

  6. Puffer boutta gain some exaggerated swagger after this play through

  7. 52:32 actually there is one. In the comics basically peter let himself go in the future, and his daughter mayday starts fighting against some evil organization I believe, and worrying for his daughter peter suits up again and helps, though he's pretty fat now. I remember seeing him swinging while eating a burger.

  8. is it just me or does he lowkey look like Marcus Rashford

  9. The Prowler noises got me dying 😭 catches me off guard each time lol.

  10. I can't wait to see Puffer's reaction on the animal mission

  11. was just thinking I didnt want to track down this game that I played years ago. and Puffer saves the day I can just watch for a recap

  12. I'm sure the new face is just to have one that looks more like Tom Holland. Doesn't really match his voice and age though.

  13. just discovered this channel but ive watched puffer before, but this channel gives him the perfect opportunity to play persona 5 anyone else agree?

  14. Man really played a playstation game on pc with a xbox controller huh

  15. 47:49 … Nobody tell him shit. ISTG.
    Also, Puffer. The Hyphen. You forgot it in the title.

  16. of course aaron is the prowler, but i wont tell you what happens between prowler and spidey 😉

  17. Hey Puffer, I wanna see you play a certain game because I think you'd love it. It's called Hi-Fi RUSH. It was shadow dropped out of nowhere and obliterated the sales figures of other games at the same time, namely Forspoken. The combat is extremely fluid and fun, the script is hilarious, the art is gorgeous, and it is unanimously agreed to be a goty contender. It's relatively short as well.

  18. ok im just saying the gameplay of this game is so fun and i loved it but seeing the opening there are some good parts but the story just feels so unthought through like they expected the graphics and game-play to carry it which it did and i think thats the reason it was so short is because they didnt want people realizing how bad the story was halfway through for a one time play through tho shits amazing but afterward it just gets predictable if you want to or anything bruh id like to see a play-through of god of war Ragnarok or uncharted they are fucking beautiful games bruh if they were a person man or women i cant say the things i would do for legal reasons.

  19. Kilometre Immorales less goooo

  20. The old Peter face was 100% better, I had spiderman and miles morales on ps4, but im biying spiderman 2 on pc so i can mod his face back to normal.

  21. Who’s going to tell puffer you can have a suit and suit ability that makes you right out of spiderverse

  22. Hey puffer idk if you will read this but there are certain animations that miles can do when you unlock air tricks, and those animations are from the animated movie so if you want js look up "miles morales secret swinging animation" or something along those lines, and you can find some cool shit.

  23. I never noticed how “close” Ganke was to Miles mom

  24. This game is amazing, can’t wait for him to finish it

  25. Hey puffer where did you get that spidey mask from its awesome 🔥 🔥 🔥

  26. The prowler noise I guess sounds like a cat meowing??? LOL I love you Puffer.

  27. puffer's prowler sound is way too high pitched man 🤣🤣

  28. Yo idk if it's a coincidence or not but they give miles electricity powers like usual cuz yk he is miles he is supposed to have them but them call it "VENOM " and then next game Venom apesrs giving Pete the n word pass and shi 💀 ☠️

  29. Troy Baker voices Simon Kreiger. I thought it homelanders actor. Fuckers in so much.

  30. Across the spiderverse is part 2 of 3 so the fact that the ending is “bad” makes sense

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