Which MLB pitcher has WON more games? (Higher or Lower)

JM Baseball
Which Jomboy Media employees know more about MLB pitcher career wins?

Featuring: Dan Canobbio & Tim Mayza, Joez McFly & Adam Cimber, Jack Doyle & Lorenzo Demalia, and Dalton Feely & Jolly Olive
Hosted by: Jolly Olive
Edited by: Jack Sorensen



  1. The wins matter…it's this era of bullsh¡t geeks that won't matter in a few years.

  2. Why not make a game where you have to guess a pitchers wins and loses in a season by only having advance stats

  3. So happy these started coming into my phone. Wasn’t aware of this series. 👍👍😃

  4. I felt like Rich Hill was a dead giveaway because it felt like he was a reliever for so long.

  5. Why's the entire Jays bullpen here😂

  6. Get Dalton Off the Show !! Dude seems all bout himself with reactions reminds me of jimmy fallon.

  7. something about this dudes face just irritates me. You belong on the radio.

  8. I only knew Rich Hill had so few wins because of his recent start against the Brewers where they said it was his 230 something start.

  9. Went 10-0 because I obsessively keep track of pitcher wins. Does that reflect poorly on me? Probably.

  10. Ha, Jack seems like a good guy but his instincts are terrible.

  11. I love how much fun it looked like Cimber was having

  12. Shoutout to the Seattle Kraken hat Cimber is wearing!

  13. Are these local creations or can we access these games?

  14. Rich hill having that few stumped me otherwise I did well

  15. wining the game as a pitcher doesn't matter? degrom would be the goat if it didnt and he was on your team in his prime….

  16. if you can manufacture wins as a pitcher then who cares what else happens. theres pitcher with sub 3 or even sub 2 eras who dont make the hof bc their team cant score. or is it bc the "hof" pitcher cant win the game himself

  17. has Jack ever been good at this? i feel like any time he does win its because his teammate does well

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