What Was With All the Baby Games in the 2000s?

Dream Jelly
Introducing one of the most niche and slightly unsettling game genres of the mid to late 2000s.

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0:00 Intro
1:47 The Baby Games
2:53 Baby Pals
7:48 Baby Life
10:49 I Love Babies
11:56 Baby and Me
12:56 Imagine Game Line
15:47 My Baby Series
17:57 Patron Shout-out


  1. I remember borrowing the I love babies game from my cousin as a kid once. I don´t remember why I wanted to play it though lol, babies freak me out.

  2. babys are far from cute. i never understood people who said they are cute or pretty. i mean, they are so ugly.

  3. I'm absolutely living for the urbz background music

  4. I’m so glad you talked about the graphics because the way I gasped when I first seen that baby, oft 😮‍💨

  5. Love the inclusion of gba sims bustin out music

  6. I hate babies. I cannot stand them.
    I wish it was legal to create some sorts of gladiator rings where you force and train babies into fighting each others into gruesome fights where only the strongest has the right to live and grow.

  7. Theres a game just like I love babies on google play store lol

  8. I used to love baby dolls as a child. And I wanted all other baby related toys as well.

  9. love that i wasn't the only child who hated baby dolls and loved animals and used my stroller as a sled and tied up all of my plushie huskies and pretended I was a dog musher or used all of my "doctor" play sets to pretend I was a vet.

  10. "maybe the real fun of this video was the babies we made along the way"- life

  11. i only now discovered your channel, and i really adore your content. clear info, enough pictures and videos to keep my awful attention span, and obscure topics that i get way too invested in. 10/10, subscribed <3

  12. At first, I disregarded your videos as just random nostalgia bait video essays, until I gave this video a go, and now I'm instantly hooked. I love calm and chill discussion and nostalgia videos like this, and you're a perfect candidate for this kind of stuff!

  13. The way I was OBSESSED with baby games when I was little

  14. i used to have “my baby boy” on the ds (when i was like 6) and i had no clue how to play it. my baby used to scream and cry but i had no clue what it wanted and i would get stressed and cry because my baby wouldn’t shut up

  15. Weird glad my childhood wasn't that of a Gen z'er.

  16. imagine babyz was the one that I had. i had fun with it, but was a little too young to read properly so i couldn’t figure out the controls lol. LOTTA upset kids.

  17. Somebody somewhere got a job making videogames and then had to build and/or animate that diaper changing scene.

  18. I had BabyPals too 😂

    I don’t know why. I never played with those dolls either and like you I played Nintendogs, Dogz, and Webkinz but randomly came across this one and played it now and then. I hated that sheep game, but the cooking game was fun.

  19. Omfg for 3 months I’ve been trying to remember what babysitting game I played on my DSI as a child & this is the exact video I needed 🥲 the Heavens put this video on my discover page lol


  21. omg I did the same thing, I put my stuffed cat in my baby doll stroller LOL

  22. I like the art style in the imagine games. still don't like babies though.

  23. Not only was this video super entertaining but the sims music in the intro helped to get me to subscribe thank you LOL

  24. Lol my foster mom bought my sister one of these games. She really wanted it. She played it once. She proceeded to be all about pet sims and fashion games. She has zero kids now and has 2 dogs 😂. Whatever happened here set her straight for life.

  25. baby krissy brought back so many memories. i miss the old barbie website and all of its flash games 🙁

  26. I had the "Baby Life" as a kid and I loved it. The footage really hit me with some serious nostalgia

  27. The Baby Krissy game is so nostalgic for me! I need to play it again after all these years! 😂💕

  28. I'd like to see your thoughts on the my baby game for Nintendo switch.

  29. Babysitting mama was my childhood lmfao i still have the doll and game and play it all the time

  30. I remember my baby 3. It was boring. Feed it, play with it, but the most fun part was going on a walk, you had to protect it from stuff like spiders, rain, and loud noises (it was also the part I remember the most)
    I played it right for about 4 seconds and then messed with it on the walk, and then if you upset it long enough this lady that's essentially the tutorial mom stops you and makes you bond with the kid. Overall I think babies are gross now.

  31. I too was wrapped up in Webkinz, Nintendogs and flash games at that time 😅

    I’m sure there was an off brand baby game or 12 in those flash games somewhere. Toss the turtle was my fav tho 👀

    Edit; just unlocked a memory of some Nintendo baby game, the baby would always be hungry, and would be sooooo angry that I couldn’t feed him 😂 remember shutting the game off so he didn’t have to suffer.

  32. I grew up on Baby Life and played it all the time. Here's what I remember:

    – the baby would always, ALWAYS be grumpy and ALWAYS hungry. feeding was the most boring part of the whole game and took forever.

    – these cutscenes would play when your baby reached a new life stage (it only grows up to be a toddler) and I always got way too excited every time it happened. the baby I had for the longest on that game was named Gabriella, and I would've had her longer if my siblings hadn't deleted her from my ds, which I was really salty about back then.

    – the kindergarten mini game was always the most stressful thing ever. imagine the sims, but you've got four toddlers and all their needs are low at the same time, but you can only take care of one at a time, and they after you've taken care of one's needs they give you 0.2 seconds before they need something else, and if you don't give them what they want IMMEDIATELY they start bawling, making you feel like a failure as a virtual parent.

    – when you played catch with the baby in the garden it was always super difficult to not hit the baby with the ball, but looking back it was so hilarious how many times I accidentally slammed my baby in the face with the ball and they burst out crying hysterically and little me freaked out like I'd just harmed an actual baby. frankly this memory leads me to disagree with the "not enough violence" bullet point on your notes for this game.

  33. I.. have never liked babies much at all. I'm getting closer to being okay around them, but they're so loud, and eyebrowless, and alien, and scary- it's hard to get used to them as someone on the autistic spectrum. Loud noises are a source of fear for me that I am unable to get rid of, especially those that are shrill.
    The smell isn't appealing either- it is suffocating, like the powder is threatening to clog my airways.
    I suppose this comment could be used to document an interesting reaction to babies, though my outward response is still positive. I want to like them, i am merely afraid of them

  34. I loved baby dolls as a kid and loved these games especially Babydow. Now I love reborn dolls and I’m waiting to buy an oven to start reborning dolls myself

  35. OK what song is playing in the background because I swear its from a Sims DS or GBA game

  36. I hate babies so I was never into these games. Of course I want a kid one day but babies are so creepy. Idk why but they just. Have that STARE. And the gaming Sim babies are especially creepy

  37. There was a browser game called babydow that I was addicted to. Dang I miss that game.

  38. when I was little, i had thism PC game called Sweet-E baby. I think it came with a doll as well but it was just a doll. You could take your baby on walks, and look at your scrapbook.

  39. What a video to have pop up in my recommendations, I JUST remembered the My Baby games the other day and how I was oddly enamoured with it as a kid. Never did actually get it though. I did however have two almost IDENTICAL horse girl games, Petz Horsez 2 and Ener-G Horse Riders.

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