Vixen Reacts to Caddicarus The Horrifying World of PS1 Games for Babies

LeJester Vixen
A big thank you to Tanner Majors for this video suggestion.

This was a really fun, tad bit disturbing, but fun one!

Original Video :


  1. To answer the question about the high prices, many of these games were cheap bargain bin games that didn't sell well, and the few copies that were sold probably didn't last that long since they were being sold to young kids. This scarcity has led many of these games to be collector's items.

  2. I'll try to catch the next stream vixen. loving these vids keep up the amazing work 👍

  3. I genuinely agree with Caddicarus on the fact that Baby games serve nearly no purpose whatsoever

  4. if you thought the teletubby game was good checkout game grumps play the game

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