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One day, Caddy loses his hands and is stuck with only being able to play games made for babies. On the PlayStation. And the vacuum cleaner grows eyes and stares at him while he eats. God, help us. Find out how to get 3 months of ExpressVPN FOR FREE by following my link right here – Subscribe and hit that bell.

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Today, Caddy is stuck. After waking up with tiny hands, he can now ONLY play games made for babies and toddlers on the PS1. Preschool video games have a rocky history, and continue to do so even today. Even though just saying that these are video games for preschoolers is enough to make your stomach turn. AVGN has looked at some, even PeanutButterGamer or PBG has, so it’s clearly something people like to see. Baby video games and toddler video games have been around ever since the days of the Atari 2600 and Colecovision, and in my opinion, they have always been nothing but a cash grab or sellout. By design, video game consoles are not meant for very young children. The controllers are the wrong size, the systems are often too delicate for sticky and clumsy hands to operate and they often require a decent level of reading skills and hand eye coordination to get enjoyment from. They were not built in the same way that Fisher Price or Vtech toys were – there were family-friendly games, but this was an industry meant for kids, teens and adults. Not toddlers. That’s why, when you see a game about Sesame Street, you get confused as to who would actually buy it. And that answer, in my opinion, is guilty parents spending too much time on the console and want to justify their purchase with video games for their youngest children. These games are too insultingly simple, too overpriced and provide NOTHING for anybody else in a family, so they are just there to be purchased to get the kids to shut up. Video game babysitting, basically. What’s the point of creating a functional or engaging expensive game when you can just plaster Peppa Pig on the cover, and wait for the money to roll in from the parents who don’t know any better, or are just letting their kids nag them into buying them? It’s ingenious, really. CD’s are cheap to produce and copy as well, WAY better than big cuddly toys. I mean, at least NES cartridges for Nintendo Systems were on a console with a simple controller – but a PS1 controller? With its awkward shape, analog sticks, d pad, start and select button, stick push-in buttons, 4 face buttons and 4 trigger buttons? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. KIDS GAMES. REALLY. Anyway – get ready for some quality gameplay today, everyone. In this feature, you will find an Elmo’s Number Journey review with Elmo’s Number Journey gameplay, Elmo’s Letter Adventure review with Elmo’s Letter Adventure gameplay, Barbie Race and Ride review with Barbie Race and Ride gameplay, Barbie Explorer review with Barbie Explorer gameplay (which PBG or PeanutButterGamer took a look at), Rayman Junior review with Rayman Junior gameplay or Rayman Brain Games review with Rayman Brain Games gameplay (which AntDude took a look at), Easter Bunny’s Big Day review with Easter Bunny’s Big Day gameplay, Bear in the Big Blue House review with Bear in the Big Blue House gameplay, Fisher Price Rescue Heroes PS1 review with Rescue Heroes PS1 gameplay that was based on the Molten Menace set, Sesame Street Sports review with Sesame Street Sports gameplay, and probably in the most confusing name change overseas, a Party Time with Winnie the Pooh review with Party Time with Winnie the Pooh gameplay…….which in the US, is called Disney Pooh’s Party Game in Search of the Treasure review, with Disney Pooh’s Part Game in Search of the Treasure gameplay. My head hurts. And so do my small hands.

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  1. I stole tinky winky did a stinky from you a couple years ago and my friends still think I'm hilarious

  2. Well, it begins with an alien getting his nose stuck and having private time with the floor
    That alien thing is actually a drill Lmao

  3. Man… I had just gotten rid of my copy of bob the builder, along with my ps 2.

  4. But Caddy that isn't the Riddler in 27:18 that's the Green Goblin!!!!!

  5. your whooping your own daughter for not playing a game why

  6. Whenever I'm not feeling right, I'll put on a Caddi video and laugh out loud several times

    e.g: 29:11

  7. 3:18 I grew up with those faces from the original Television Series. BTW have you seen it? It's worth rewatching for me.😋

  8. Can we comment on the strange way Cadds always says "policemun"

  9. THE TELETUBBIES GAME UNLOCKED A MEMORY. holy shit, i used to have this one growing up and my sister used to get mad because after 30 mins on her spider-man game it was my turn to play teletubbies. yea, that spider-man game ended up becoming my favorite ps1 game and prolly one of my favorite games of all time. but the teletubbies ps1 game? a classic

  10. I am once again entering the horrifying world of very good not bad playstation 1 games.

  11. The dogs in the Teletubbies game were adorable, very good bois

    Just sayin

  12. 6:55 "Why does this man is eating his own face" it was very FUNNY LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. 27:42 😂😂😂 I can’t help it you’re one of the funniest people I’ve seen

  14. I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that go on wacky and crazy adventures.

  15. Man, I feel like I really missed out XD I never played 'baby' games lol My family was like 'Here, play the Legend of Zelda you tiny 4 year old." Although…when I was 4 ish Rayman was also a favorite of mine. (Uh…the original Rayman. Not the Jr one that was in here lol)

  16. You will like this video

    or else my tiny hands will get you

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