The Game ft. Jason Derulo – Baby You (Official Video)

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“Baby You” is off of The Game’s “1992” album
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  1. Aye bro where is phat rat nepew at , kung fu man spades left

  2. Do a track with sky baller. We talkin brody cutty

  3. 2:10. How they dragged me into the hospital handcuffed and on a wheelchair…standing up. Mean.

  4. Jim jones aint cool , linked in with sky baller yep a turner sky baller mom sabrina a turner , jeffry beasley aint cool.

  5. Blood watch this the hole diplomat movement nore aint cool bruh , linked in with jeffery beasley so u know philthy rich not cool a beasley

  6. Blood so what they did is they was at blood king in stockton ca red benz and dropped kytes ask blood about jeffery

  7. We know phat rat nepew in modesto , we at spades we at that jhonny cash look kkk know now

  8. We know who darrell santiago burton is . Yep

  9. So nore stole darrell diplomat papers wen he was young there goes jim jones hmmm camron too . They cracked we know . We tellin now . Sir mix alot a turner . James beasly wife ken to m i a the singer lady gaga not cool peep this tho

  10. Now we say jim jones aint no santiago or santana push the issue now

  11. Jeffry mom aint cool bella been pillow talkin even stephanie santiago

  12. So there for they crossed the b all thru the valley .

  13. Jeffrey beasley not cool even rapper guce know that

  14. So who owe phat rat nepew . Streets talkin . Spades

  15. Your feelings are so clear in your songs 🙂 ❤

  16. Tell me that doesn't look like the inside of the bottle shoppe. And thats my diane keaton blazer jason d is wearing. Haha

  17. 😎 literally my baby daddy always saying we have some beautiful kids
    You must be on the line. This is the proof

  18. track [Beat- ] Producer mellowed out !!!

  19. rome jenicia wow flint thing dead she stole harrass magazine book play boy/

  20. Game is like a Lion on the mic
    Brazil luvz him
    This song is fire

  21. Song would've went stupid crazyyy if chris brown did the hook 💯 JD did ok tho 👌

  22. …endgame…uuuuhhhhh jjjjeeaaa….soooo great….

  23. 2022 still a banger hit.💥💥💥💥

  24. Doesn anybdy or is it jst me who feels tht Piru Love instro written all ova ths beat

  25. Jason Derulo? Nice feature I can't believe I missed this one. You a disgrace even to butterflies bro

  26. The Game is such a nice guy! 🙂 The Game deserves a medal, because he has decided to sacrifice himself, only so we can get a new EM song!!! 😎👍🎖💯 Beautiful 10 minutes love song dedicated to his idol! ❤

  27. Can anyone tell me if this song is sampled and if so which song?

  28. Musica que me lembra meus 14 anos nossa ainda sinto a mesma intensidade amo essa música hj com 25 ❤️💯💯

  29. The Game, I like U and your music compositions . I'am from Mozambique, Africa.

  30. 1992 his second best album in the discography in my opinion

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