The Baby In Yellow – Freaky Babysitting Horror Game with a Creepy Little Baby From Hell!

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The Baby In Yellow – Freaky Babysitting Horror Game with a Creepy Little Baby From Hell!
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  1. -exercise baby with talisman
    -change baby


  2. At least we know the baby got back home safely 😅

  3. Just once I'd like to see a video where someone throws the baby around

  4. Thats one really freaky baby. Especially the S T A R E

  5. Me: yea the baby is not that bad-
    heads rotate 360°
    Me: this baby is still not that bad

  6. Hoy somos todos antinatalistas 🙂

  7. a horror game with a baby, may i snrd this to my sister who are scare by baby evil laught
    *see the video*…. ok no, i'm not that evil ovo… the eyes….

  8. ABG: no you can't just make a horror game a joke
    graystillplays: haha baby go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. It almost always looks like when you pick up the bebe.

    That it tryes to forcechoke you…

  10. ohhh i get it. the baby in yellow, the man in yellow

  11. 6:32 The Amine crippled midget has been watching "Little shop of Horrors"

  12. ygujijjkj🛅🚺🏴🚩🚩gff/÷=_ baby hello hello

  13. the second i saw the baby without knowing it was from hell i wanted it dead cause it looked super off and i want it dead even more

  14. "The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he's not even potty trained!"

  15. This is what Millennials think raising children is like.

  16. To be fair I would be pretty pissed too if I get getting dropped on my face like that

  17. pano po ma download yan ayaw po gumana nyan sa ken plss pano po ma download

  18. Welp, gotta throw away the entire baby now

  19. RN fee is to be good so he free see at good da at he do ya eat ya da da da s da F dee he tee we free aww we see ff

  20. Watching this after playing Resident Evil Village has me paranoid af 😐😐

  21. What was the ending lol. It looks like that talisman only worked for about 30 seconds.

  22. Parents: if you get hungry, help yourself to the fridge
    The fridge:

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