Sweet Baby Inc. Meltdown Proves Why Gaming Journalism Is Dead…

The recent gaming controversy of the week: Sweet Baby Inc. – the company Kotaku editors are willing to infiltrate and encourage harassment over!
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  1. Yeah never buy any games touched by sweet baby or scary ghost or whatever. Rip western games.

  2. Optimus unsure of which side of the argument he should grift for more views

  3. I use video games to escape from this endlessly politically permeated mainstream culture, the last thing we need is more political activism in our games, we just don't care.

  4. See, part of the problem is that they are called "woke" and not racist/sexist. The stuff they are saying would put anyone in jail if they were white talking about other colours. It's complete gaslighting on their end to justify being such hateful cretins.

  5. I wanted to hear good things about games. My patience ran dry, now i get to enjoy having the pleasure of videogame failures

  6. The people at Sweet Baby Inc are despicable people that need to go TF away!

  7. You forgot to mention Alissa (and many other tweets from people who work in the videogames' industry) claiming "You can't be r*cist towards white people", all backed up by a false definition of r*cism. Also, Sweet Baby Inc CEO's interview where she proudly admits how they get studios to hire them, basically mobsters method.
    I too am not a guy who enjoys calling everything "woke" but, if I had to pick a side, anti-woke side would be a no brainer for me.

  8. Politics in entertainment is propaganda. No one gets to tell me how I live my life. They can advise me to not do certain things out of concerns for my safety and well being, otherwise it's end of story.

    Politics built from the ground up within the entertainment product itself such as novels, films, or video games is called fantasy. I choose this. Life is cruel, and its treatment on the individual can be soul crushing, and to have books or games that have 0 relation to real life, that can draw attention away is a blessing. Fantasy is the true home of the individual and no one and nothing else have any rights to alter it.

  9. You wanna know what grinds my gears?
    Someone uploading gameplay footage but not including the name of the game😡🤬

  10. You can tell the reality of the situation by the reaction of the accused. TBH it is TELLING. Smh

  11. I think you should look at the bigger picture here though. You should be blaming the developers that are letting these goons in because sweet baby is only one of many companies that are trying to pull this b*****

  12. not just Sweet Baby Inc there dei other like comic book tv drama and movie also anime localization even teacher are woke into this dei this need to stop

  13. Hating white people is still racist. Reverse racism is literally racist.

  14. They tried to diss the late homie Toriyama. All bets are off.

  15. Be a sweet wittle baby and take your hawwassmentt. PC culture is for normie wussies.

  16. It really says a lot when a group wants to shut down free advertising for their own work.

  17. We're done with the PC, intersexuality BS being shoved into, and ruining the games we love. Or loved. Enough is enough. Spiderman 2 is an entirely trash game because of this nonsense. And it's everywhere. We play these games for escapism, not to be told what politics to believe in, or whatever tf they feel like putting in each game. Like anyone wanted to play as a deaf girl spray painting in Spiderman 2. Or help a dude ask another boy to the prom. Come on now.

  18. Funny how these far left people always accuse people of being fascist. Meanwhile, they try to silence opposing views, lie, manipulate the narrative, etc.

  19. If it hasn’t been clear from people who have the same ideologies that Sweet Baby Inc have… the politically correct crowd have always been hateful people

  20. It says in the article in kotaku that sbi came in when suicide squad game was already written to just add a few little things, but when you go on imdb, it says that 3 of sbi employees are listed as writers of the game. One of them is a lead writer. So basically they're lying in the article.

  21. Gaming Urinalysm has been dead since Gamer Gate.

  22. Has anyone else noticed optimists intros getting longer over the years? I don't remember skipping 4 minutes into every video a few years ago

  23. I feel like I could do a great job as a game journalist at kotaku but would get immediately fired for writing actually neutral articles instead of emotionally charged progressive puff pieces imo

  24. This was a awesome rant. Got my sub!

  25. Chris is a woman who is the CEO of the company.

  26. Sweet Baby Inc continues to show how despicable they are, after all they insulted Akira Toriyama just hours after his death was announced. My condolences to him.

  27. I think most of the time the woke criticisms are just a bunch of losers getting their feelings hurt that they can’t be jerks without consequences anymore, but like you said in this case its pretty valid. Corps don’t actually care about any of that, they just want to pander to what they perceive as the larger consumer base, and they show their true colors when they try backhanded stuff like this

  28. Direct quote from CEO of SB inc. Kim Belair at GDC 2019 that shines light on their methods: "If you're creative working in triple AAA, which i did for many many years, put this staff up to your higher ups. And if they don't see the value of what you're asking for, go have a coffee with your marketing team and just terrify them with the possibility of what's gonna happen if they don't give you what you want."

    "You can't be racist to white ppl, tnx for tuning in" Alicia Merkante, Kotaku senior editor. On X during this while fiasco.

    This is the kind of "good guys" that infested gaming idnustry, movie, comics etc. etc.

    They're even getting or trying to get government involvement now: "A Department of Homeland Security-funded 501(c)(3) non-profit called Take This, which ostensibly exists to document the impact of video gaming on mental health, has released missives to game publishers and studios instructing them to denounce "GamerGate2.""

  29. They’re apparatchiks. The corporate platforms are a vanguard. This isn’t capitalism. People need to wake up to the charade.

  30. As long as you still appease them by calling them as "journalists" instead of propagandists then they will maintain their influence over business.
    We need you to do better Optimus.

  31. The only ones calling this "Gamer Gate 2" is the main stream media.

    And they need it. These publications are dying. They will do anything to get eyes on them.

  32. On the point of Alyssa getting death threats to her email, it turns out that she was the one sending death threats to her own email. Just like I think it was Anita showing "proof" that Right wing gamers were harassing her, only to find out she was still logged in as a dev and outed herself.

  33. Buncha rasicts harassing these poor journalists

  34. Been right for years and now people are seeing the light.

  35. Sweet baby and any company like it are a cancer on gaming and society as a whole.

  36. Gaming journalists producing enough gaslighting to heat Europe in the winter

  37. To all of you guys defending the gamers thank you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this SBI is conducting bad business that is both damaging to the games they work on, and the behavior of their employees.

  38. GG wasn't "a harassment campaign" like Wikipedia keeps falsely pushing. It was gamers holding corrupt games journalists and devs accountable. There were the chaotic fringes like every interest has that took it too far, that was disavowed many times over. GG itself was all gamers pointing out the game being played by journos and devs who sleep together and make back room deals. About how our escapism is being taken over and changed into garbage that not even their woke audience will play. I have zero issue calling it GG2 because GG1 wasn't what they said it was either.

  39. SBI is tax funded btw.
    Nothing natural about that.

  40. Before you even said they worked on Spider-Man 2 my mind already went to Spidey talking about gun control. Well I know where that came from

  41. Its nice to see one of your videos finaly show up on my feed again. Been a few month. The dang algorithm tried keeping ya hidden

  42. One of the heads of sweet baby literally said that games aren't for the consumers enjoyment. They are a way for the creater to express their views and push their agenda. How much more anti consumer can you get?

  43. Even then, we don’t know how much involvement SBI had in the games. From what I’ve played of Ragnarok, the only thing they probably did was make Angrboda black, and even then, I don’t hate Angrboda’s character. At best, I don’t care for her.

  44. The people who pretend they are always the good guys while doing bad, are the worst kind there are.

    It isnt stooping to their level. I dont claim to have the moral high ground like they do. I aint good. Im honestly bad. No matter what, that puts me above them, period.

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