Suicide Squad Game Hit With MASS REFUNDS After Sweet Baby Inc Gets DESTROYED By Gamers!

Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
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#SweetBabyInc #SuicideSquadKillsTheJusticeLeague


  1. This man is doing God's work exposing these people. Keep it up!

  2. Only democracy and liberty, sweet cringe inc. deserves no mercy, they will fall by the wayside like all the games they’ve ruined.

  3. Sweet Baby stINK has missed the golden rule for incompetent A$h0les: stay under the radar and bother as few people as possible….. especially customers.

  4. Shouldn't we blame the people that hired sweet baby inc?

  5. Sorry but thank you for spending you money on this game so I didnt have to waste mine

  6. Why does politics have to ruin everything ? Back in the day the right were trying to get video games banned because they blames all the violence in the world to be caused by video games, now the left is poisoning video game. I do love having that after a shit day I get rewarded by a video game telling me how ashamed I need to be for my skin/color/race

  7. Even if the game would have a peak of 50.000 players on steam it would be called a huge failure in the industry. Game had 13.500 peak 😂 .

  8. Theyll never shut up. One thing the mobs loves more than forced inclusion its CREDIT. they HAVE to take credit otherwise how they gonna post it for 10 likes

  9. Yo man thank you for your support! Cheers from Brazil!!!

  10. Using arkhams Batman to fuck him over so badly is beyond a joke they got people to buy the game by saying he stalks you but missed the part where it says you beat the shit out of him so easily it’s like he’s a disabled puppy

  11. They lived up to their name being big babies except they ain't sweet

  12. Also man that's a dumb name for a company lol

  13. If they remake that game, from SCRACTH, throwing out ALL the lefty propaganda, I MIGHT play it then.

  14. I haven't even brought the game, and I want to claim a refund 😂

  15. I want to refund on every single live service game that never went anywhere

  16. Lmao im gonna have to disagree i don't think it was the woke agenda that ruined the game. The way the game wants to make money is the only issue.

  17. There seems to be an endless supply of gobby, black women although at least this one isn't fat.

  18. Its scary to think how many other nonsense pushing third parties are probably doing this. No wonder modern gaming is such trash now

  19. Sweet Baby Inc realizes that Elon Musk ain't Jack Dorsey.

  20. It should be called suicide squad kills rocksteady

  21. Welcome to the Streisand Effect. And "Congratulations, you played yourself."

  22. Wow, even the Gun Media’s defunct Friday the 13th The Game from 2017, is getting x1000 more online players than this garbage!!! 😂

  23. I’m willing to help sacrifice suicide squad for the betterment of all super hero games especially live service games.
    The business model works on paper but human greed ruin it.

  24. one for the ladies, and the libs – is baby inc high in calories?!

  25. The joys of having simple competence to NOT buy day 1 or 2 or 3… Some people just dont learn..

  26. I was an idiot and bought the avengers game when it first came out, despite what everyone was saying, how negative the reviews were. I was excited about the Gotham city knights game but decided against it because I heard bad reviews and after getting burned (and frankly bored) with the avengers game, I chose to listen to the reviews and it’s not steered me wrong.

  27. Look, I feel like Sweet Baby is a modern day witch hunt. I don’t think we really know enough about how they influence the actual game development.

    Like, what if all these companies already had everything you hate planned. What I mean is, what if all of this “woke agenda” that these games have would have happened even if sweet baby didn’t get involved. Like what if their scope was to literally go in and make a couple small tweaks here and there, but nothing that shifted large scale development in the game.

    I guess I’m what people consider “woke”. I don’t mind more diversity in games. Heck I prefer it, if it’s done well. I’ve always been on board with a more inclusive, positive society. But I do try and account for all opinions.

    To that end, I do understand why people are getting tired of having an agenda shoved in their face. Personally, I don’t think this is a positive, intelligent way to fuel change and progression. You will never tell someone to accept something. Doesn’t work.

    Still, all this sweet baby talk seems like a boy who cried wolf moment for me. What I mean is this, if SSKTJL was the most addicting, fun game ever, absolutely no one would be talking about sweet baby. I mean some people would sure, but it wouldn’t be this.

    I guess I just dislike the conversation revolving around diversity and inclusion. I think that’s an easy target for “they’re just angry racist gamers”. And certainly some of you are. But many of you aren’t prejudice, you just don’t want agendas thrown in your face all the time. And you dislike the idea that some consultant firm might be directly related to why the games you love suck now.

    Let’s boil that last part down just a bit. For those of you who aren’t racist or prejudice, the important factor here is the studio you love made a trash as game. Now is that game only trash because some blurb had lex luthor talking about “toxic masculinity”? Or is it trash because it’s a shallow, repetitive, un-engaging mess? Certainly you’re annoyed with the political campaigning, but you also must recognize that the core game itself is very, very bad.

    Sweet Baby didn’t tell the studio to make the game fuckin boring. They didn’t tell them to make the final boss a reskin of the first boss in the game. They didn’t tell them to cut the story up in to tiny pieces to drop feed content that should have shipped with the game.

    I don’t know, just my food for thought. I don’t give a fuck about Sweet Baby or whatever does or doesn’t happen to their company. Just feels like a lot of internet outrage being weirdly focused on one aspect of an industry that has been, in my personal opinion, failing fantastically in far more important ways than just trying to push diversity and inclusion.

  28. They pander to lib crybabies who don’t even play games

  29. how can any developers honestly think that people want this bullshit in our games? i don’t get it.

  30. I might actually buy this shit game just to return it and prove a point. 😂

  31. Sweet Baby Inc. was dead the second Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was released.

  32. Just start following the page in steam and it's now nearly 200k 😂 following

  33. Trump said it best; Everything woke turns to 💩💩💩

  34. Nice deflect technique instead of criticizing the corporate greed of monetization……it's there woke stuff in are u dumb sweet baby been in every game since 2018 these people work for them studios bruv to help deflect lol 😂😂😂😂 they love saying Disney is woke like bro all entertainment is propaganda there just apart of that club selling u people lies

  35. i don't blame them at all, they saw a way to make money and did it. Who I do blame is the game developers for being such little bitches and bending a knee to this leaches with zero talent and contribute nothing to the game. Why the hell did they do that? A lib is going to lib as much as they can and the only thing they can do is call you a bad word, that is all the power they have. OOH you are a racist, you are a transphobe. That is all they got.

  36. Sweet Btch will soon gets cancelled permanently.

  37. I didn't even buy or play the game and i still want my money back

  38. Get woke go broke. I don’t support woke shit. Go broke WB hahahahahaha

  39. 19th ammendment was a mistake…….
    Nothing Will Change Gender Quota Hire Requirements…….

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