Russ plays a ‘Small Baby Game’ with the Dark Eldar – Vox-Logs

Bruva Alfabusa
Primarch Leman Russ is bored during his journey through Commorragh. The Drukhari attempt to amuse him with a small baby game. This is a mistake.

ZoranTheBear as Leman Russ

Fredrik Knudsen as Xylatro (the red one)

TheLemonGrenade as Skraket (the masked one)

Ki McKenzie as Urist Boatmurdered

Ondemas as Slaaneshi Daemons

Alfabusa as Jebarion and the Tormentor Helmed one.

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  1. Well, now we know who willed into being the Leagues of Votann.

  2. As a man named Russ, this video pleases me

  3. this video actually made me feel sorry for the Drukhari… and that is NOT something I say lightly. One guy got vaulted off a skiff by a dwarf (the entire scene of which I actually found funny), another guy got reduced to ash by They-who-thirsts, and the last one was dragged away to a fate worse than death after such a traumatic experience.

    Just what the hell IS Leman Russ?!

  4. Slaanesh enters the materium is quite honestly the most understated and horrific thing i can imagine

  5. I really wonder if Urist would become cannon now that the squats are back.

    Thanks a lot GW

  6. This is the perfect rendition of the meme that goes "I'm not trapped here with you. You are trapped here with me."

  7. do you think dark eldar would able to enjoy torture again after being tortured them selfs for a long period?
    i think it would remind them of there own painful memories too much to be of any enjoyment.

  8. For some reason all I can think of is Urist when he appeared in tts

  9. [Slaanesh enters the materium]
    Never before in my life have I been absolutely terrified by mere words.

  10. Did he play this with Magnus? Maybe Lorgar? I can’t think of any other powerful Psyker Primarchs.

  11. This man summoned a fackin DWARF and let it loose on the Dark eldar give him a medal

  12. "Urist"
    This is how my brother and I get each other's attention now

  13. I thought the gas one was gonna be…

    fart gas.

  14. I never get tired of seeing Urist insult the Dark Eldar, especially with their response being a mix of "what the fuck just happened" and annoyance.

  15. You know, as truly evil they are in every single way, that Drukhari guard that was willing to say Slaanesh’s name deserves at least a little respect.

  16. I love that the squat is quoting the Scotsman as he's coming through the portal.

  17. Yknow what? I think Emps was right about the Nikea fiasco actually. If they can all do this so casually…

  18. This is a masterpiece I still enjoy watching it like the first day

  19. The surrounding became much more purple AFTER the green dildari said 'She Who Thirts'. Amazing attenrion to detail. THAT is the exact second they truly got its attention

  20. "Rakarth's rectum…
    This operation is in shambles!"

    16 minutes and 25 seconds of pure gold

  21. The fact that even Russ, who isn't predominantly known for leading with his psychic abilities, has the capability to manipulate the immaterium with his conscious thoughts … is fucking terrifying.

  22. After playing the Rogue Trader beta, I can say that I agree with Russ when he says their kind deserve not but death

  23. Only Leman Russ could traumatize the Drukhari. This also explains how they were able to disarm and strip him naked before tossing him in the arena… He was fucking asleep.

  24. The sound design of this makes me REALLY want to see it animated in something like Source Filmmaker.

  25. I'm trying hard to imagine Magnus and Leman trying to bond over magic games from their tribal pasts.

  26. Holy sssss…..Leman makes me feel bad for Dark Eldar

  27. I'd be impressed by that dark eldar's dedication to Commoragh and his race, if it wasn't Comorragh and him a dark fckin eldar

  28. This goes from humor to horror so fast in the third round

  29. Dorn almost released she who feeds unto all of the web way would have killed all of te dark elves

  30. Not gonna lie, was hoping it was Gotrek

  31. Remind me never to play 20 questions with leman russ. The dwarf was crazy doe

  32. 12:50 okay fuck the bastard kink elves but credit where it's due;
    That Dark Eldar had some form or shape of honor.

  33. Is there any way we could get an audio file of just the slaanesh poem chant? It would be great for D&D games!

  34. Of all the episodes this is by far my favorite. Just the right mix of chaos, humor, and arbitrary murder

  35. The subtle color changing really sold this for me

  36. Russ:and thats what happened.

    Big e:…wow. that is fucked up,even for you. Although i guess knowing the dark eldars,they deserved it.


    Dorn:…i have to agree with magnus. That is, quite twisted for you.

    Russ:more twisted then curze?

    Dorn,magnus and big e:…touche.


  38. God Man-Emperor, this is one of my favorite videos in all of TTS.

  39. I have never wanted something so more than for Slaanesh to Enter Commorragh and give the Dark Elder their just deserts.

  40. imo the best part is when you can hear Urist before he manifests because you know Exactly what's coming

  41. And that’s how the squat version draigo was born.

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