Roblox Baby Games

Kaden Fumblebottom
Roblox has a lot of games about raising babies! Today I check those out, and see if I’m fit to be a parent.

Huge thank you to my editor Zack for editing this.
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  1. If you try adopt and take care of a baby in bloxburg you might change your mind!

    Me: umm I didn't know I was in that game

  3. Imagine one day, Raven gets pregnant and Kanden becomes a father…I will be so happy for them 🙂

  4. My friend said "Kaden x Albert has officially sailed" Me: 😳

  5. Hi Kaden how is your day I hope it is wonderful.(^ω^)

  6. Being a Parent.

    Being a parent is not actually an easy thing to be. You have to pay a lot of baby stuff, more bills on your house and your Finances. I know most of the people here are young so, they don’t need to worry about it YET.

  7. I cant imagine Raven and Kaden having a baby. I know it's his persona on here, but he just seems so cute and sweet an innocent🥺🥺

  8. Well Hello My Fumble Family! (Throws baby in trash)

  9. this video made me happy especially the outro

  10. ooh, kaden fumblebottom. I like ur earrings and your whole style. <3

  11. Fred you will never be my master -bird from fred gets detention 2008

  12. He is using his old account from a year ago when Albert made the animal jam video lol

  13. Kaden : All babys are ugly
    – My mom next to me listens –
    – Yeets my phone on the wall –
    Me : ………… 😶

  14. Kaden, Don't Be Stupid. You Could Never Be The Father Of A Child

    You Would Be The Mother Of A Child 🙂

  15. 11:45
    "Babies should get the heck out of my life!"

    Half of the comments:

  16. Kaden kid be like: after 13 years WHAT THE HECK IS MY DaaD IS DOING in 2020 ik my joke sucks

  17. Kaden: I love you baby.
    Me: You know what ima become part of his background
    Also me: t – posing in the background

  18. Next thing you know ravens pregnant wait then you might not wanna you know with her.Because ya know or you should

  19. Me: trys to kill baby
    Mined:🤬 you can't kill the baby's god

  20. Wow Kadens kids name is Baby lil thanos gigi butt melon. That is an amazing name.

  21. If notice the 1st time he laughed in their sound like little bill like goz

  22. His first baby can kill us all in one snap.

  23. “It’s popular for kids to want kids”
    Uhhh I don’t think I will ever want kids because of how much I despise them (including myself)

  24. i sad waaaaaaa lol win he sad i what to slap the babbys

  25. omg i love u videos hahaha cheers from mexico 😀

  26. Since kaden says "Hello my fumble family"

    Does that mean we are his children o.o

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