Rainbow Friends But BLUE’s BABY!? Roblox Rainbow Friends Animation

Hornstromp Games
✅ Rainbow Friends Animations:

Original Animation Hornstromp

Rainbow Friends is a Roblox horror experience that joins games like Piggy, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime, and others, in taking something seemingly nice and friendly and turning it into a terrifying nightmare. It’s a popular formula too, with nearly 100 million visits accounted for by the frightening friends, proving to be one of the more unique titles Roblox has on offer.

Just like the games from the FNAF series, Roblox’s Rainbow Friends takes place over the course of five nights, with each evening consisting of a special task or challenge you must complete while avoiding the multicoloured monstrosities. Of course, the price you pay for failing any of these tasks is high, especially considering you play as just a kid on a field trip, but there is a way to make it through the week.

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