Nu-Retro & OkamiTheNerd Reacts – “Caddicarus: PS1 Baby Games” I N.R.G

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  1. Please do a video of stupid worlds of portable crash bandicoot games

  2. I'm really liking all these caddy reactions, I'm still holding out hope for you to do his phoenix games and movie ones!

  3. Also if you like rayman legends you should get origins, and there are 6 music levels total in legends, all are incredible

  4. Yeah Mara Wilson was in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I loved that movie as a kid. Still do. I even have it on blu-ray

  5. Seeing WHSmith reminded me that they for a time owned TV channels, including Lifestyle (the channel with the cute butterfly and flute music) and Screensport (aka TV Sport, Sportkanal, and Sportnet, merged with then-crumbling Eurosport.)

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