Marlins vs. White Sox Game Highlights (6/11/23) | MLB Highlights

Marlins vs. White Sox full game highlights from 6/11/23

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  1. I was out at the store wirh my mom saw the score was 5-3 bottom 8th…

    How do the marlins keep doing this!?😭💀 the amount of heart attacks i've been having this season is generational.

    If qe win a playoff series this we gotta build a statue of Skip Schumacher.

  2. I always try to watch White Sox highlights because I remember Steve Sone and Harry Cary calling games for the Cubs when I was a chid of the 80's.

    But also I was watching my Braves and Skip Cary. Of course the Marlins come from behind.

  3. Resilient asf!!! Go Marlins!!! So close to catching up to the Braves.

  4. Sox gotta retire these jerseys. Enough is enough

  5. Small crowd for a Sunday. Are they still mourning the loss of WalMart? What's gonna happen if they close Popeye's?

  6. The Miami Marlins are 37-29⚫️🟠🟢⚪️🐠☀️🏖🌇

  7. Great gutsy comeback the Marlins pulled off once again

  8. "The Sox have plenty of lead." Interesting choice of words, Stoney.

  9. The Marlins wrecked both Middleton and Graveman, two of the Sox best relievers, to take this heartbreaker.

  10. This team's got fight and they seem very disciplined in their approach. They have fun, but they play hard

  11. Bro when Berti scored it sounded like a home crowd was roaring… but it was the Marlins bench 💪

  12. If that pole wasn't there I would have caught that homer by jean sergura

  13. 이젠 진짜 애틀란타 뒷통수가 보이는것 같다..! 말린스 파이팅!

  14. Boy, hard to believe win.
    Go Marlins, from across the pond!

  15. At this point it’s hard to determine which Chicago team is more terrible. It’s pretty close right now.

  16. 5:17 The amazing Kelly Saco pretty much calling the amazing comeback into existence. Nice.

  17. its ok …… We Had Won These Two Games & Marlins Cameback In Very Last InninG 5 & 3 . What Are We MissinG We Have In All InninGs & Not In Last & TheY Don't Have In all But In Last …. We Still Got More Than 3 Months Of PlaY & Around 50 More Games To Contest. We Can Do It We Could & We Couldn't …. We Can …. A Lot Of Game Left & We Donot afford Losing EspeciallY Such Losings. Go Sox We Are The Best We Are Just MissinG We Should Not Miss In Such Critical Games. I Love You LuckY & Brave Marlins. TheY Snatched It …..Bravo …… We Shall Do The Same …. Go Sox. I Love You.

  18. Jorge Soler and the Miami Marlins wins the third ballgame over Andrew Vaughn and the Chicago White Sox ⚾🔵⚫🌴

  19. Sox still whiffing on those sucker pitches.

  20. Not a White Sox fan commenting? Still sour about 1919.

  21. A chi sox equipo, deberían sacar toda la basura , y dejar de vivir desilusión

  22. What a comeback win, for the second game in a row! Let’s go Fish! 👏👏👏

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