Marlins vs. Mariners Game Highlights (6/12/23) | MLB Highlights

Marlins vs. Mariners full game highlights from 6/12/23

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  1. Thats what we love to see right there, Welcome to the show.

  2. Brah the baseball juiced in this game for both😂😂😂Just listened to,the last comment… how in baseball can u manhandled a team🤔🤔 damn idiots look up the definition

  3. Offense is coming around. If the pitching gets back to normal we could go on a nice run.

  4. This is what we need on a consistent basis

  5. The ball carries better when its hot…what was it 84 at game time.

  6. imagine if we can just do this for the rest of the year. i mean can we?

  7. If They only had a consistent threat at DH, Mariners might get something done.

  8. Thanks Mariners, it would be awesome if you sweep the fish

  9. Mariners reeling in a perfect victory!
    Go Mariners!
    Sea Us Rise!

  10. Today is Adcock's first mlb appearance in his career?

  11. The Seattle Mariners are 32-33🔵🟢⚪️⚓️⛴

  12. Poor Adcock, they cut out his parents' speech 😭

  13. Eugenio Suarez and the Seattle Mariners wins the first ballgame over Garrett Cooper and the Miami Marlins ⚾🔵🟢⚓

  14. This game is exactly what the Mariners should be. JP, Julio, Ty, Teo, and Geno all contributing to the scoring, a great start from a young stud and the bullpen comes in to close it out with some spectacular defense behind them. Holding Arraez to an 0 for 4 night along with a somewhat scary slugger in Soler to no hits as well

  15. The Marlins are hot. Ik you win some you lose some but we can’t lose by this much. We’ve been winning a lot we can’t lose that

  16. No 9th inning magic for Marlins this game but still love both these teams and i think it would be cool and unique to see them both get to the postseason and meet again in World Series. Marlins vs Mariners world series, something different then the usual teams that get there

  17. As long as the M's would be patient and make contact at the plate, they will improve their batting AVG.
    They just haven't been doing that before this game.

  18. Marlins demonstrating once again the worst pitching in baseball history


  20. 6th place Blue Jays on pace for 87.7 wins

  21. Now that was more the Bryce Miller we know and love. True he gave up a run but he held the marlins to a single hit through six innings

  22. Wew, Marlins got shelled today. This feels like the 3rd or 4th game in a row with a defensive miscue in the outfield resulting in a run. It didn’t make the difference by itself this time but being in the hole by an extra run is still not ideal. Let’s bounce back in the next 2!

  23. I was really happy to see Tom Murphy hit. I was getting super worried. Glad he got some good hits!

  24. nice to see them fit the quote from the rook's mom in the highlights

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