Livvy Dunne Reveals Celebrities in Her DMs and Gets Rizzed Up by the NELK BOYS

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  1. Livv is so dope an genuine 💯🔥💞

  2. did they cut out the interesting part of this podcast

  3. Steiny is actually hilarious in this episode! LOL

  4. Hahaha I have no idea who tf this is but steiny was so funny 😂

  5. the fact that man don’t know the lyrics to 2 phones is scary

  6. I started counting how many times the word “like” was said. It’s gotta be in the thousands. I heard a single sentence with 8.

  7. Respect for her not being a retard ig model but can actually speak

  8. When I was 10 I decided I wanted to smoke weed for the first time and the rest is history

  9. definitely not watching this but i’m sure it’s alright

  10. NYT is just vile, ridiculously disgusting

  11. ain’t no way i was listening to this on apple podcasts
    had to actually watch it

  12. Only FULL SEND can have Tucker Carlson then Livvy Dunne on their podcast

  13. can someone tell me the brand of that hoodie that has maple leafs on it

  14. Steiny just said she put LSU on the map? Wow what a out of touch loser

  15. "Jesus Christ, Steiny" had me dying 😆😆😆

  16. I think steinster needs to hop off the pods for alil bring cousin jay in or even gabe at this point 😂😂
    And where the Nelk videos boys been waiting patiently

  17. Kyles a wet wipe for allowing Steiny to pause the episode. Who runs Nelk? Steiny does….

  18. Eileen Gu was paid more by the communist party to compete in the Olympics abd she goes to stanford

  19. kyle acting like hes nervouse to make her want him lol

  20. Y’all missed on asking about the us nationals experiences

  21. NELK pod should add time stamps already. I sometimes like to skip through parts after reading some comments about the convo

  22. how in the heck does manscape afford these things expensive sponsors !

  23. tell me why i almost didn’t watch, but i did and i was laughing the whole time

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