Livvy Dunne Reveals Celebrities in Her DMs and Gets Rizzed Up by the NELK BOYS

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  1. Full send pod unless stieny wants a pod erased then it's the half send pod. Get over your ego trip bro, just release the schultzy ep

  2. To be paid like she is You should have to be good at your sport. I never hear anything athletic about her.

  3. IF Kyle Could Stop saying « Like » every 5 seconds I would keep watching the pod 😂

  4. Kyle needs to stop saying "like" in every sentence. Guy needs to work on his speech.

  5. Love you guys but you are the worst interviewers ever lol

  6. Steiny being a desperate crepe honestly ruins the pods
    Settle down! He needs to have a tug before it or stay away from the females

  7. She seems like a hella nice and down to earth person fr.

  8. Haha I had to pause and laugh for like 2 minutes after steiny said that to Kyle

  9. Steiny is a loser how is he still on he’s so insecure

  10. 5 mins in oh she's a college athlete for 5 mins I just thot she was a dmb slt, now she's a dmb athlete slt, deffs went to see tate yo

  11. I really don’t care what y’all say, Steiny is funny and is simply just taking more risk with the things he says.

  12. Reminds me of Kate Upton I don’t get the hype there’s millions of girls hotter than her

  13. Keep swinging Steiny! You’ll hit one eventually pal 🤙🏼

  14. This episode was such a joke. Terrible

  15. Stieny Lowkey carried this pod, Kyle and salim looked nervous to even sit next to her lmao

  16. we need the Andrew Schulz pod?.. Nelk censoring their own content.

  17. imagine not uploading the Andrew Schulz podcast. Very disrespectful towards a legend. Instead we get Livvy Dunne.. like who tf is this?

  18. I have never seen the Full Send Podcast before but Livvy is hot 😍. Such a lovely person

  19. Don’t understand why Kyle thinks it’s appropriate to ask someone how much money they make repeatedly after they say basically none of your business.

    Seems like a really humble good girl. Give her some space and attack the topic from a different angle

  20. Steiny is so cringe. Giving her flowers was so uncomfortable and unnecessary. Such an ugly and weird looking little dude.

  21. She should of been on the cover of sports Illustrated! Not megan fox 🤦‍♂️ this girl is an athlete and smart and obviously better looking then Megan Fox. More natural too

  22. Y’all hate on steiny so hard but dudes low key rizz attempts at the most random times are the absolute best😂 and salim thinks he’s such a clown that he can’t help but bust out laughing cuz in salims head he prolly thinks steiny couldn’t pull her if his life depended on it😂 it’s a quality dynamic

  23. Great pod but you guys gonna figure out your camera angles. Have you all in the same shot, constantly bouncing back and forth to who is distracting as fack 😂

  24. Yo she said “this is the saucecast” 😂 that shit was funny

  25. Steiny about to buy Livvy a Bronco and research off road areas in Jersey lmao

  26. good job with this one steiny, i enjoyed it

  27. The baby Gronk situation is either a lie or she’s dumb as fuck that shit was set up by the school and her sister

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