Lewie’s Baby Shower Stream: Yoshi’s Island & Baby Games

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  1. Congrats Lewie and thank you to the entire Jaboody family including chat who also has me dying laughing every vod. The Jaboody Show is the highlight of my every day.

  2. They always say Jaboody Baby when someone has been a sub for 9 months, not there is a really Jaboody Baby on the way!

  3. RIP Lewie's big brown baby that got flushed down the toilet

  4. Congratulations Lewie! But that thumbnail will be seared into my mind

  5. This makes me so happy there's so much love and good vibes

  6. Nostalgia. Yoshi's island is one of my favorite games of all time. For me it has some of the most memorable music.

  7. congrats lew and happy new year vod gang! love you guys ❤

  8. One the worst playthroughs with commentary's you have done this whole stream.

  9. Lewie turn yourself into kratos become jacked do steroids be stoic and disciplined but be kind and gentle

  10. Congrats lew, be that awesome dad you were meant to be.

  11. Rugrats Scavanger Hunt board game is the last one he's forgetting. That one was weird

  12. Loved the yoshis island play through, also congratulations lew.

  13. Congrats Lew. Remember to control your breathing when you push out that diarrhea.

  14. YES! I was hoping you guys would play Come On, Baby! Go Donburi baby!

  15. The King of Zing Bossanova Jongleur Zingmeister says:

    I was like # 101… just letting everyone know… VOD GANG 4 LYFE.

  16. Congrats Lewie on being a father.
    I know you're prepared and will do great!
    …And I'm so happy that Justin accidentally fell in love with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I think it is inferior to SMW, but it's got awesome music and gameplay and charm and is worthy of respect!

  17. Glad Lew is happy and doing well. For anyone who is curious. Yes, you can remove the text on the bottom of classic games. Before you start the game on the red tool bar on left there is an option in settings to turn it off.

  18. Seasoned gamers having difficulty playing an old game. color me surprised. I haven't played this probably in over 15 years, but I can probably get through the whole thing in a couple hours without a sweat.

  19. Yo VOD gang my girlfriend broke up with me on New Year’s Eve so happy I have this show to fall back on for a good times and good laughs!❤❤❤❤ need my fix🎉

  20. Congrats Lew on the kid. And also my condolences for how bad you are at Yoshis Island.

  21. Every time I see rugrats I just remember the horrible storyboard incident…lol

  22. Congrats lew! You’re gonna be a fantastic dad! Also, when are you guys continuing the god of war gameplay? 🙁

  23. No, you don't post babies online for their protection. The world doesn't need to know. It really comes down to F around and find out.

  24. Please can we get a full playthrough of the rugrats game? It was hilarious how derpy it was

  25. The golfing bit of rugrats reminded me of playing minigames in bully with the way they just kept throwing in the same handful of soundbites.

  26. Congrats Lew welcome to the world of being a dad. To the new dads you guys got this. It's tough you can make it threw it.

  27. Its been an honor to grow up with you guys from the very first billy mays dubs to redsicovering you guys thro the algorithm on fb you guys always help me feel like i got friends at arms reach getting me through some tough times. while things always change like damon leaving and doing his own thing and justin getting married and lew having a baby i hope you continue to deliver funny Experimental content lurker4lyfe honkeydore420 love you guys

  28. Lewie is having a baby? Somehow hes reproducing by budding? Neat! I love these baby games,specially Come on Baby XD so random

  29. i love how justin and pops sound vocally more excited and are grilling lew with all kinds of questions and how they get excited when they think of an opportunity to get involved. you guys are gonna be an awesome family

  30. Lewie will literally go down in history as one of the coolest dads ever…

  31. I spent so many hours playing Yoshis island on my DS lite!!!!💕

  32. Congrats to the nepotism torpedo that killed the momentum for a potential powerhouse. I was fortunate to enjoy the good times.

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