I Understand Taika’s Baby Games!

Bart & Geo








Barbell Brigade
646 Gibbons Avenue
Los Angeles CA 91754
(323) 225-2251


  1. dude why were your neighbours peeking into your compound

  2. If he gets any cuter..I mean by any measure…the world will implode. The skies will be filled with rainbows & confetti. We won’t be able to deal.

  3. Back in my home country we would break glass bottles and get a big paint brush and spread glue all over the top of the wall and spread the glass shards on top.

  4. a different side of taika. so cunie. xoxo

  5. At the end when Taika said "come on Papa" is soooo cuteeee

  6. Lol Geo was trying so hard to get her hair grey and now she naturally has some and wants to cover it

  7. This is 1 of my fav top vlogs coz all of the family involved 😍😍

  8. Haha it’s so cute that geos talking and taikas scream blocks it 😂🥰

  9. usually when kids laugh like that its when they're tired. either crying unctronllaby or laughing uncontroblaaby

  10. Bart the US brand name massage guns (hypervolt/Theragun) used by professional athletes and teams are 200-300 for their guns as well

  11. Taika got that ice cream high hahahaha ate so much of it

  12. Taika is so adorable when he heard Bart say stupid

  13. I really like that crystal piece you got, but it's a bit too expensive for me.

  14. lol, I put birdspikes on my fence too. For the "birds".

  15. I teared up seeing how happy Geo and Taika were during their sweet little laughing game. :’) thanks for bringing me some comfort during these weird times.

  16. Taika’s lookin more like Bart don’t you think? Bunch a cuties. Lol

  17. Btw for those who are wondering the reason the camera could pick up led lights was because is because more sensitive to light then the human eye so to us the light is invisible you can try this by getting your phone and your tv remote and pressing any button on it while having your phone camera pointing at it and you will see it

  18. i love you guys. times are tough and your videos with taika really help🥺❤️

  19. Taika looks like Geo but acts like Bart.
    Especially that picture of Baby Geo holding the rose.

  20. hi older taika are u here to watch your younger self
    i want u to know thats your parents are so cool and i love them and u . 🙂

  21. So crazy that I watched these guys when they were my around my age now, and now she’s so close to 40! That’s insane ugh time flies

  22. Nice spikes, sorry but not sorry, cause that peeking shit is creepy. That's the thing about walls, they can block people looking directly in, but you can't see whose hanging out just on the other side either.

  23. Bart, I got the same massager from amazon! It works well!

  24. its pulse width modulation basically the light is being flickered at a very high to reduce energy consumption by the light. since the camera is taking pictures at a high frame rate we can see it in the video.

  25. Lol you can’t be asking us for help. We watch you for help, it’s like the blind leading the blind 😂

  26. Watch "The game changes" film about vegan athletes . Go whole Starch based diet

  27. For the hair I know it’s hard but don’t put ANY heat on it and MOISTER is your bff!

  28. I really never comment on videos, but I am so excited to find this channel again! I used to watch just kidding films and you guys back in high school . The last I had seen you guys had gotten married! I went off the college and lost all my old YouTube channels… it’s now so many years later and you guys have the cutest kid and this whole house hold it’s so sweet! I saw a insta of someone who looked like joe and I couldn’t remember the channel name or even your guys names I kept looking up mama bear and papa bear 😂 I spent a whole week just looking and I found you guys again and I instantly subscribed and I’m so excited ! Anyways long time fan and I’m excited to come back and see how the love has multiplied ❤️

  29. Geo's going to be 37? She doesn't look a day over 26.

  30. When is bart going to give us the firearm video

  31. It seems like yesterday when they were having a baby shower

  32. Hi guys! another great vlog! if you don't mind Bart, in another vlog can you do a small clip of using the massage gun, I hurt my back as well and really considering this one since I have no money but injured as heck. Just want to visually see how you would use it for guidance. Id appreciate it a lot, and I'm sure other people would too, thank you!

  33. OMG you're about to be 37?!?!?!? You're still beautiful Geoooo

  34. I’m surprised he didn’t just buy a hyperbole or a theragun instead of the m3pro. Or would’ve thought they would have fun equipment like that at barbell brigade.

  35. Omg taika laughing with mama is the cutest thing ever

  36. Do they show you the people looking over there wall

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