I Tried Parenting App Games …but I RUINED My Kid’s Life

These “Welcome Baby” & “Parenting Choices” app games were on my top free app game chart where you try to raise a kid but instead I just messed them up…

I Tried to Teach DUMB Kids …but I’m Also Pretty Dumb:
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy APP GAMES That Scare Her:


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  1. Lauren after having melody: Alright melody get in your box its bedtime-

  2. Once, I was a toddler, I shoved an entire crayon and band-aid up my nose while watching peppa pig, and somehow I didn’t cry and my parents didn’t notice :’)

  3. Hey which doctor have you been seeing during pregnancy
    Lauren : uuuuhhhhh , the apple appstore

  4. It’s indeed that this game is not appropriate for kids😅

  5. i just got an ad for borth control while watching this 😭

  6. :Lauren: Hell yeah :also Lauren:WAIT THERES A PACIFIER IN THERE

  7. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👶

  8. Wait……when you put the emojis like “do pregnancy test….um did it show….and when the baby had the “diaper” on was it actually um……

  9. I love how at the gender reveal part she completely forgot that the mother was preggers with another child

  10. I thought you had a girl the first time.

  11. Explanation: Ok, so the pacifier was the gender of the baby you had
    The gender reveal is for the baby you are pregnant with bc you
    Got pregnant right after having the baby hope this helped this is what I think I do not know
    But I think that is what it is hope this helped ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. 2:51 me as a kid: uh mommy was I born like that 🙁

  13. So… I assume you can now hopefully answer if it is similar to raising a child or not? 😜

  14. : Pov the baby WEEE Finally I am out of the dark stomach!

  15. Level: Can you jump that ramp?
    Me: …what?
    Lauren: Mother of the year over here!
    Me: Why?! he's only 2!

  16. Plot twist… This is how lauren was raised and she doesn't know how to parent because this is how she was raised-

  17. Lauren: I'm gonna be the best mom ever 🥰 also Lauren: put the baby in a box ☑️

  18. The game: “ The baby wants to listen to some music“
    Lauren Z side: DETHMEADLE
    Baby: * cries*
    Baby: whaaa!
    29 years later*
    Him grown up: 👁👄👁
    Him grown up: 👁🫦👁
    Him grown up: I hate my mom and my life…

  19. melody: watches this video when she is older
    melody: is this what she did with me? did I sleep in a box


  20. With the baby and the e emoji and the baby crying what was that

  21. Melody when she finds this in the future: (⊙_⊙;)

  22. Wait… If you are pregnant/already have a child, doesn't it mean you and Bobby did something unholy?

  23. The way I cracked up at the 16 year old standing in a crib 🤣😭

  24. take out the toy
    Lauren: but where is it…

  25. not the edited diaper over the naked baby to avoid youtube censors, good job editor emily 😂

  26. glad she didn't call her olivia
    that's MY name

  27. My music teacher is pregnant 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼

  28. I just got broken up with and your videos really helped me, thank you, continue doing what you're doing, you're the best YouTube

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