GUESS WHO COOKED FOR YOU to win $1000 w/Norris Nuts

The Norris Nuts

In this video the Norris Nuts cook each other a surprise meal. The person that each Norris Nut is cooking for is drawn out of a hat. If you can guess the person who cooked for you then you win your share of $1000 cash prize. The Norris Nuts also do a challenge to see who gets to cook with the babies Disco & Charm. They are meant to be a handicap on the cooking experience but could turn into a great help!

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  1. I love discos move when he pushed mama and charm out the elevator cause he realised that his team had to be there first or they will get a point deducted so he sabotaged them. I think u guys should have more challenges with papa mama and the babies. love u norris nuts!

  2. Aw sorry mumma😂 got me cracking up laughing love u charm❤

  3. omg i love sabres outfit it looks amazing

  4. When I saw the thumbnail I was like, why is Biggie so little!? 😂 Disco is biggies twin ❤

  5. DONT PUT LOCKES ON THEIR DOORS BECAUSE IF THERE WAS A FIRE THEY MIGHT BE LOCKED IN THE ROOM AND WOULDNT GET OUT. Also my brother got locked in his room and it was really had to get him out of the room

  6. For the answer YES they should have locks on their doors I mean they should have some privacy expect for disco and charm I think they should have some privacy!

  7. I love how sockie and Disco and mama and charm works as a team💓

  8. What my parents did is they put locks on the doors for safety purposes but they also keep a pair of spare keys at a hidden place that only they know 🙂

  9. please tell me im not the only one who thought that was biggy in the thumbnail that had the green shirt 😭

  10. I love how Disco is trying like everything and Charm is being really supportive of Brooke it just so funny 😂 and I can’t stop laughing Lol 😆

  11. So MY opinion on wither the kids should have locks or not, is yes. I mean, Sabre and Sockie NEED locks. So I say yes. But Biggy and Naz’s room, that’s y’all’s choice.❤ Just thought that would help!❤

  12. Please answer i love your vidios and they really help me when I'm sad please reply

  13. I feel like if the doors are locked and they hurt themselves really bad for an example if they brake their arm then you guys wont be able to get into their room because the door is locked.

  14. But it's june 😏

    ( I know it was may at the time but 🥔)

  15. i Love all of yalls videos and just so you know (sorry if i spelt that wong) sabre said " BIGGIE'S SAFE😁🤩" also charm and disco are the cutest they make me so happy watching them talk and explain things and mama's face just lights up and you can see how happy she is.

  16. "Sowwy" – best saying by charm norris yeah need to say it after every part of the recipe 😊😂😂❤

  17. If their mum doesn’t cook , what do they eat?!

  18. yes i think u should add locks to the doors, just gives them some extra privacy. like they'll want to do their own things yk, and just have some time to themselves!

  19. I think the Norris nuts can have locks on there doors i mean i have had one since i was like six years old and they need privacy now that there getting older❤ I loved this video and Disco and Charm were so cute you guys should bring them in the videos more often!

  20. Wait if papa never cooks and mamma hasn't cooked in 5 years do u never eat at home or smth?

  21. You guys should do more video like this . Its such a nice family thing .and everyone looked like they were enjoying ❤❤ 34:08

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  23. charm and disco are amazing, they deserve something nice

  24. Do charm and disco call sockie and biggy sockie and biggy or cerrus and coda off camera

  25. This is random but Sabre looks so pretty in this vlog

  26. I can’t get over sabres hair dude it’s so gorgeous

  27. yes you should put locks on their doors! as teenagers they need to feel like you respect thier privacy or if god forbid something happens, having a safe place is good!

  28. Fried chicken in canada?! I think that’s just random stuff on the internet

  29. Hey Norris Nuts ! i’m a huge legend and have been watching you forever now , i remember the day you made a video of y’all’s new house & at the swim school and y’all have changed so much in many ways , i think that y’all should update yalls profile picture & stuff like that ! love y’all!

  30. the way charm is so right about what the norris nuts would spend their money on she knows her siblings so well lol

  31. Sabre, you’re always gorgeous but your new found confidence and independence is beautiful and your new hair is stunning. You’re all such a lovely family 🫶🏻

  32. I think you should put a lock on sockie’s door but security camera’s in all rooms just in case

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