Guardians vs. D-backs Game Highlights (6/17/23) | MLB Highlights

Guardians vs. D-backs full game highlights from 6/17/23

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  1. Dbacks better go get Corbin burnes or someone at that level along with a closer. The time to win is now we've got a stacked outfield and plenty of outfield prospects in the minors with high value that can get us what we need. Easily a 100+ win team with those moves

  2. Corbin is on his way to be one of the greats

  3. Walker with them game tying homers lately💪🏼 ⚾️🐍🔥

  4. Nice home-runs tonight guys🐍🔥⚾️let’s go !! 💪🏼

  5. C Walker's defense really saved this team today!

  6. The Arizona Diamondbacks are 43-28⚫️🔴⚪️🐍🌵🏜

  7. It hurts that the outfield celebration wasn't in the video 😢 not as badly as Bieber after the 8th though. Guys cashed in on one of the best pitchers in the game tonight. GO SNAKES 🐍

  8. Not a dbacks fans but man I’m glad seeing them at number one they definitely deserve it

  9. GG it was a fun game to watch LETS GO D•BACKS

  10. Bieber should have been lifted after 7 really good innings

  11. Josh Rojas and the Arizona Diamondbacks wins the second ballgame over Jose Ramirez and the Cleveland Guardians ⚾⚫🔴🌵🐍

  12. I Love the way the D-Backs been playing lately.

  13. He’ll of a great game lastnight l was watching it on fs1 I thought it was gonna end around 1 am 🐍☀️ let’s go dbacks!!!!

  14. Cleveland continues to struggle against …well…everyone. 😆😆😆

  15. Dbacks are the biggest surprise of 2023 and the Padres are the biggest disappointment – so far. Post all star game NL west division race will be fun to watch!

  16. This was Refreshing for sure! Well Done, Rally-Backs!

  17. Stop N Watch Entertainment JDT Films Limited says:

    My Gaurds pitching has to tighten up better.. we need MacKenzie back so we can have that deadly pitching line up we had last year.. thats wht got us to the Post in October… we good alot of ball playing left but com on us.. get back to what you there last year.. frustrate those opposing teams.. with that back yard school play we were so good at.. stealing bases, just going out and having FUN.. go gaurds #wetheland 4Ever

  18. Corbin Carroll easy ROTY love my rookie cards of him$$$$$

  19. Ramirez is way better than Machado change my mind.

  20. What song did Miguel Castro walk out to?

  21. Feel so good for McCarthy he plays with so much energy. That HR was huge and turned this game.

  22. Bieber has become a pitcher who "pitches well enough" to lose. Never gives up much but enough to lose.

  23. Bases load early in the game and Cleveland CF Straw strikes out. Damn!
    Too bad Guardians SP Shane Bieber started to falter in the late innings giving up a couple homers along with the inconsistent offense led to a another disappointing loss. The Cleveland bullpen has been a little overused lately. Sigh.

  24. As a fan of Cleveland,i'll say Arizona looks good this year,maybe you guys will end up with Beiber as a D Back,and you can officially stick the fork in the Guardians..Tito how much more of the Dolan bullshit can you endure?No title coming to this team any time soon..Truth hurts.

  25. ’ve never seen anyone as consistently accurate as AWAKENBEERUS in sports predictions. He’s a legend!!!€

  26. Bieber letting 3 home runs in one inning is something rare just Wow

  27. Watch the front office trade Corbin …t' the A's for 5 players to be named later…..

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