GIRLS GAMES That Make You NEVER Want to Have A Baby …but Now I’m Having A Baby

I first met Baby Hazel on Girls Go Games & she actually makes you NEVER want to have a baby! However, now I’m about to have a baby so I may have made a mistake…

Baby Hazel Games Part 1:
GirlsGoGames Playlist:


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  1. After this can you tell me if you got pregnant

  2. I used to play these games as a child

  3. When i was little i like this, in my mom's phone i have 20 games of this😂

  4. You said that looked like meat 🍖 but to me, it looked like rosehip, and rosehip tea is a thing I tried it once and it tastes like tastless water witch is strange cuz rosehip on its own is soo 🍋

  5. Wowewwew(p′︵‵。)( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )

  6. I used to play baby hazel the memories 🥲

  7. me: watching
    Lauren: and two weeks later i found out im pregnent
    me: AYO THATS SUS😶

  8. Darren taqq112233445566777898990000rai says:

    9:38 did everyone just ignore that Lauren said "oh you b*sh"

  9. Ayyy is baby hazel my sleep paralysis 😍😍

  10. These games look like I made them on a school issued Chromebook 😂

  11. Merry Christmas to you happy happy merry Christmas

  12. I have never been invited to a tea party aswell

  13. 4:35 "What is stash tea" Stash tea is a type of herbal tea, Lauren. There are many flavors like peppermint, Bergamot Earl Grey, Licorice Spice, Decaf Chai Spice etc. You're welcome for the lesson on tea, from a British viewer 😀

  14. I will diffidently have nightmares tonight👁👄👁👀👀👀👀👀😥😱

  15. I used to play these games when I was little, now I think they are weird

  16. Mia: Why is there a bite mark in my cupcake?
    Baby Hazel: 😮 😅 oh, it’s nothing.
    Mia: YOU BISH
    Other Girls: We should leave.
    mia and baby hazel start fighting
    The Mom: Should we stop them?
    Other Girls: No, let’s just let it happen.

  17. 😮😊kids🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  18. The only baby hazel game I can remember playing is fairyland ballet

  19. Baby Hazel:"Mom I have a box cuter, MOM"
    Mom:Hovers out of there

  20. I don't like how the girl talk's it freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I used to LOVE Baby Hazel
    I regret that.. SOO MUCH ITS UNREAL

  22. Hey Lauren are you going to have a baby girl 👸or boy 🙏
    And my name is Mia

  23. When I was like 5 or smth I played it and when I didn’t even do anything baby hazel cried and I was so like mad so I never played it again and I will never again in my whole entire life

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