Funniest Baby Shower Games For Men!!!

Crazy baby shower games for me. Watch as the guys go from tying shoes to harlem shaking the baby out of there. So much fun . Stay locked in for more to come. Enjoy

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the guy in timber shoes!

  2. I gotta give it to my BabySisterGirl, she will come up with some stuff.. I really hate that I missed this one!!! I seriously forgot🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Now, we know Why?!! Females have children n Not Males… 🤦‍♂️😅😆😁😄😃

  4. Who had the audacity to give this great time a thumbs down

  5. This is awsome so doing this for my sons babyshower. Ty 4 the great upload 💯❤

  6. Lol! So funny how once they got the balloon in their shirt they starred to rub their bellies!

  7. 12 haters thooo omg I’m planning my bby shower and went on yt to get some ideas this is amazing ! It looks so much fun but I wouldn’t have let the guys sit down it’s harder to tie ur shoes standing up then bending down to tie it right but I guess it makes sence that pregnant men need to sit in a chair to tie shoes lol 😂 I hope u guys get famous iA cuz this is Awsome ! I subbed !

  8. Lmbo omg!! The way I laughed at the guy with the gray shirt on just now towards the end. too funny, lmbo

  9. I’m dying 🤣 I wanna be at this baby shower

  10. When they had to dance the “baby” out 🤣

  11. 🤣🤣I was trying to find funny baby shower games to play for my brother's 1st baby's baby shower and I am so happy I clicked on this one cuz it had me in tears lol so funny

  12. Another fun one is the baby in an ice cube. Freeze a bunch of plastic babies in ice cubes. First person to melt the ice and remove the baby yells "my water broke!" Wins

  13. Tfs 👍🏾 I enjoyed this so much I am here in search of ideas 💡 I am planning a shower for our Pastor's wife and another sister of our church .

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