Faith Benson Performing “Baby Games”

Drum Channel
Watch Faith Benson, the 2017 Under 18 Hit Like A Girl Champion perform along to “Baby Games”, a track she produced with her sisters– only on DrumChannel!

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  1. That girl is 15. Damn. Never seen a 15 year old playing that good.

  2. I met her and one of her sisters at Sam Ash, we were taking turns jamming on the vdrum set. Cool chick, she has some great confidence behind the kit

  3. The seven people that dislike this I’m sure are masters of their craft. 🙄

  4. One of the most impressive drum performance I've ever seen!! (Well… other most impressive we're also by you…!!) Your drum creativity, mixed with impressive skills to render it, is unmatched!!

  5. How is this video not more popular? This is an amazing drum performance! This 15 year old has more passion and fun in her drumming than 75% of professional drummers out there.

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