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Playing with your newborn baby is not only fun and exciting, but it also actually helps them with brain development. Their little yet amazing brain is making neural connections at a fantastic speed as they explore the world around them. When you play with your baby, you are helping them to develop these neural connections and bond with your baby at the same time. So in this video, I will show you 10 baby games you can do every day to help with baby development.

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About this video: If you want to know about baby games that can help with baby development, this video will show you fun infant activities that you can do to help you have a smarter baby. Newborn activities will help you bond with your baby, and also help with baby development, so grab your baby toys, pick up your little one, and let’s dive into this video.


  1. I heard the swing is not a good idea because it's causing a lot of deaths while they sleep, because there head is in a down position meaning, the head touches the chest and that can cause not being able to breathe. Remember they can't really lift their head

  2. I'm from Brazil and this is my first and i really like your video ❤

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  6. Watching from Cameroon with my new born baby after six years of waiting

  7. Watching from Cameroon with my new born baby after six years of waiting

  8. hai my name Via saraswati from Bali. im watching this with my 2month old my first baby girl. alot more something new i learn

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  13. I thought the swings were dangerous for babies to suffocate

  14. I'm sitting with my baby she's almost one month old shes my first little one

  15. This has been very informative, thanks a lot! ✨

  16. first baby girl. I want her to be independent and smart. Hopefully. Ty for uploading

  17. I've been following your videos and they are informative thanx n God bless you

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  19. First and foremost: turn off the screens. All of them.

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  27. Here with my newborn (2nd child after 10 years). Here to learn a thing or two 😊!

  28. Hi diana. Watching ur videos that will help my 7 mos old son, what are the possible things i should do to nurture his brain brain development. Thanks this

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  30. I'm actually a father present with his 6 day old. I'm new to this fatherhood thing, and I just want to be the best dad I can!

  31. Youtube now has banners for licensed doctors, are you able to apply for that? This helps prevent the spread of medical misinformation..

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  33. I thought babies couldn’t see in color?!

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