A Pretty solid PvE/P Game! Can’t wait until the full release
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  1. I really really want to like this game but the live service nature of it with skins and battale passes makes it hard to do so

  2. Ok so is it bad that I want to play this lol 😮looks awesome 😎

  3. it's like Destiny 2's Gambit, but extremely fleshed out (and actually fun)

  4. add flying to this and that is what Anthem could have been.

  5. im sorry, i pull up to a prod video and what do i find? a friggin musou game about people in mech suits killing dinosaurs? i love this generation lol

  6. Enjoyed the beta so much I can’t wait for the full release

  7. The business model is the only thing that might kill this game

  8. small parts of this remind me of what anthem wanted to be

    i.e. fun

  9. I hope they let u kill ai dinosaurs when u play as a dinosaurs I hate u can't do any damage to other dinosaurs they need to fix that and two they need a mode where u fight only Ai and no real players. Maybe q gorilla type class where it's kind of a king kong type character also maybe a long neck dinosaur would be a cool new boss dinosaurs so many choices also all characters should have a melee button I don't like the fact some of them don't have a melee button

  10. I was really hoping it was like a World War Z game. Kind of reminds me that Crucible mode in Destiny 2

  11. Looks alright. Reminds me of EDF, which is great, but it looks very…platonic. The gameplay loop looks so basic. So uhh…idk.

  12. Ark players : "Am I a joke to you ?"
    Everyone else : "Yes. Yes, you are."

  13. Honestly looks alot better compared to the first beta

  14. Swear to god if I hear "summoning raptors" one more time

  15. Sorta reminds me of Earth Defense Force. Looks ok. Play some more Binding of Isaac Prod! Or watching you do a Eye of Cthulu to Moonlord run of Terraria would be lit. Super Ghosts n Goblins would also be cool.

  16. This is such a silly concept for a game, yet it's so effective.

  17. So this is why Dinos went extinct.. being teleported on mass by a portal to the future just to be destroyed and used to cause more destruction..

  18. thats fucking wild how the trex playes like a monster hunter dragon

  19. That looks like Anthem if it was good and fun

  20. The PvP portions of missions were great in concept but terrible in execution during the previous beta.

  21. This is like "metal wolf chaos XD" levels of craziness

  22. There is so much shid going on on screen YT compresses it into a blur lol

  23. Looks neat, I could never play it though.
    I'd be too sad about killing dinos.

  24. Exoprimal sucks. It's way too chaotic and messy.

  25. It's depressing that even with the hundreds of games made that are pvp focused, the moment a game isn't pvp for once the first thing ppl yell for pvp like there isn't enough.

    On a video note, awesome vid prod as always lol

  26. There was this old game called prime that was about hunting/playing as a monster trying to grow and destroy a habitat or planet that you are on, or capture and kill said monster. Fun as hell and sad the servers are are down, but this is that but dinos

  27. People complaining about the pvp part of this annoy me lol if you watched all the trailers and read the description they mention that there will be pve modes and pvp modes. In one of the trailers its hinted at a horde style game mode. Just give it time to release peeps this is a BETA after all i loved this game great mechanics fun beta awesome graphics this could be potentially the next big hit so let's get ready for some dino slayin fun!

  28. am i the only 1 waiting for more metal gear Q~Q prod moar pls

  29. EDF but with dinos instead of huge bugs and robo aliens

  30. I was not sure about this game but this looks epic. EDF but with dinos and mech suits !

  31. cant belive ppl waste resources on something like this

  32. I'm really excited for this game. For those concerned they've previously said there will be pve only modes too.

  33. From what I count, was 3 for the endgame, at least is already something more, but hope it can have a little more.
    Still, hope this game can done good

  34. Never gonna get this game. They had drag queens advertise it to children. Capcom USA is full of pedophiles and I will never financially support people that want to sexualized children.

  35. Everyone: so is it like EDF, destiny, anthem, warriors and mechs that fights Dinos?

    Capcom: yes?

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