Custom xbox controller #gaming #xbox #pov #building #customerorder

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#Shorts Custom xbox controller #gaming #xbox #pov #building #customerorder


  1. Xbox is way better than PlayStation, a.k.a. rocket ships

  2. Actually I love switch pro controllers better tbh

  3. Xbox is so much better it has so many more features

  4. Staples Staples of course

  5. Bro teach me & I'll gladly be willing to work my ass off for you💯😂

  6. What’s the stick drift kit? I’m honestly convinced your controllers are the best bc your videos are the most in-depth/honest. 😂

  7. Neither, bc console wars is good! (also its not, its sucks)

  8. Nintendo Switch and I am actually being serious

  9. Chicken crossed the Road to get to idiots house. Know know who is there? Idiots house

  10. Xbox and PlayStation I’m gonna have to go with the pickle 300

  11. I think microsoft is partnered with Double A battery companies

  12. What screw driver do you use to detach the secondary mother board. I have stick drift and some issues with buttons but no one reliable in the uk. I bought a kit to open up the controller all was fine but I couldn’t get the secondary motherboard off to access the buttons 🙁 😢

  13. The chicken cross the road to get a job offer at KFC

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