Custom xbox controller #gaming #xbox #pov #building #customerorder

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#Shorts Custom xbox controller #gaming #xbox #pov #building #customerorder


  1. MacBook Air is easily the best gaming platform

  2. The chicken crossed the road because your store is on the next street

  3. I mean xbox has the best rumble compared to playstation

  4. Reverse psychology. Mario from the hit video game dark souls, who made an appearance in the hit video game grand theft auto liberty city.

  5. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢I play Xbox

  6. Ohhh it's got to be that paint brush one

  7. The one you enjoy least is the best!!

  8. Nintendo controllers are obviously the superior controller because it is the ONLY controller that actually comes with FOR FREE… Tokyo drift

  9. I honestly think toaster controllers are better

  10. Xbox or ps easily a metal slide on a hot summer day

  11. I like playstation because for me it is easy to navigate, but this is just me as I grew up with playstation 2.

  12. your mom is the best when it comes to consoles

  13. Bro please stop appearing on my feed your ads make me want to buy your controllers less

  14. What’s better Xbox or PlayStation wrong answers only? XBOX

  15. Xbox or playstation wrong answers only=DEFINITELY XBOX

  16. Xbox or Playstation? No Brainer. I'll take that shaving machine over there please

  17. Day6 of aksing for a free controller: PLEASE CAN I HAVE A FREE PS5 CONTROLLER

  18. If I guess whos build that was i get a cookie was it dannys

  19. Xbox or playstation?Easy,walmart shopping carts

  20. Xbox or Playstation?
    Wrong Answer: Nintendo Switch
    Right Answer: PC

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