Cubs vs. Blue Jays Game Highlights (8/12/23) | MLB Highlights

Cubs vs. Blue Jays full game highlights from 8/12/23, presented by @americasnavy

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  1. I wanna see Beli sign with his hometown team arizona next year.

  2. I hope the Cubs offer Belli a contract that he can agree too. When Bellinger has been healthy he has been an MVP candidate.

  3. A great win by the Cubbies. That's 2 in a row. Keep it going Chicago. #FlyTheW
    [ W ]

  4. Mariners are the biggest winners as the Jays continue to lose. These wildcard races in both leagues are going to be insane this last month in a half. I do see Mariners passing Jays to get the last wc

  5. Keep beating the good teams and get us into that #1 spot

  6. Oh boy. Tough loss. Great to see Jose Bautista!!! Great Jay!

  7. Where are all of the arm-chair managers nit picking at David Ross? Oh yeah, you cry babies only come out when the Cubs lose.

  8. Toronto is starting to circle the drain……

  9. If i were the owner I would trade Alejandro Kirk for Ohtani.

  10. The cubs are playing very well, and they keep on winning.

  11. Cubs are hot rn and Blue jays are cold. Thhe jays will lose their wild card spot soon if they don't turn things around especially with the way the mariners have been playing.

  12. After Google ripped off advertisers sending a foreign language ad before this vid, I still watched my Cubs

  13. So sick of watching this team. We don't deserve the playoffs. Vladdy blows

  14. Dansby Swanson and the Chicago Cubs wins the second ballgame over Bo Bichette and the Toronto Blue Jays. ⚾🔵🔴⚪🐻

    For the Idolmaster fans, thank you José Bautista

  15. I was there, I started the go cubs go chant.

  16. I am a jays fan but i have no idea why they r called a contender.
    Jays released Merryweather and now he comes in to get a win. Tragic.

  17. Bro stop putting Alejandro Kirk into catch he is a DH he sets the ball up right where the hitters red zones are

  18. turned off the game as soon as the Cubs had 4 runs that they had won the game cause Jays can't score 5 🙁

  19. Bellringer stay hot! Morel was clutch today….go Cubs go

  20. Jay’s are just a good team, they’re missing some heroic’s in late innings.

  21. Man, the Cubs are on a roll! And congrats to Jose Bautista, a great player.

  22. Who’s the only MLB player to hit a homer in a 4 different countries?

  23. I just don't like the way Suzuki fields, he always seems like it's the first time he has played in the outfield! Timidly!

  24. I will never forget the moment I saw the Jose Bautista bat flip, a beautiful memory for me. Whether you like him or not, you have to respect his tenacity and his will to never give up. A true journeymen. Congrats Jose!

  25. Cardinals fan here. Happy Cubs are having fun.

  26. It’s real sad watching the jays attempt to hit lol I genuinely have no faith in anyone to consistently clutch up ever except for whit.

  27. Cubs been playing well to say the least. Love these days.

  28. That 2nd baseman shoulda hung onto the ball for a bit while the other dude was in a full split.

  29. Que malo es el primer vate de los Phillies malo no me explico como es primer bate

  30. Better get the retirement guys do better than the team is doing now

  31. Want to lose even more fans? Crooked umpires. Are they trying to get fired? Robot home plate umpire. Crooked effing umpires.

  32. This YouTube channel didn't show much of Jose's special ceremony. This channel doesn't promote the Blue Jays very well. Canada 🇨🇦 is proud of our players.

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