Can you guess the gender? Old Wives Tale Baby Games #pregnancy #genderreveal

Jenn Jackson
I don’t believe in these old wives tales because I have heard them ALL 🤷🏾‍♀️👀

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  1. You’re having a healthy, happy,
    bouncing baby….Boy 💙

  2. 💙You’re having a healthy baby boy 💙

  3. I thought back to when I was pregnant and based on the chart I would have a boy AND I DID

  4. It'll be a boy! We'll welcome a little princess as well🥰

  5. I think your having a boy as well God bless

  6. A beautiful healthy baby boy!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  7. You're definitely having a boy. You're belly looks like a basketball not wide

  8. From the beginning I guessed it will be a boy. Fingers crossed for a little guy but even if it’s a little girl who cares. She will be adorable and loved

  9. Congratulations!🎉🎉all you need is a healthy baby.

  10. You are too cute! 🥰💙.. I had 3 boys 🤣🤣.. I’m going to say. a Boy but I’m praying for you to have a healthy happy bundle of joy 🥰

  11. Imma say a boy the wY you tummy looks like a ball

  12. Bouncy niño! Happy to term gurlie. Enjoy your new life <3

  13. If you don't wanna go check, she's having a girl

  14. Im thinking it’s a girl from the look of the belly 💗

  15. The old wives tales was very true for my first two children. This is baby #3 though and it's a total wild card, but I have a feeling I'm having another boy.

    I also believe you are having a boy based on those symptoms.

  16. You remind me to me when I was pregnant… I feel like is a Girl

  17. You are gorgeous during entire pregnancy. That’s a boy…

  18. Boyyyyyy lol they say when u carry low it’s boy and girls are high

  19. Lolol….you are having a girl.😊 Good for you. SHE WILL MAKE YOU PROUD.

  20. Looking great Jenn! Boy baby on the way. ❤👶🏾 🍼

  21. You will have a girl cause you look more beautiful and you are glowing 🥰🥰🥰

  22. Girl

  23. Lol apparently the board failed- did u have a girl?

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