Baby Panda Play And Learns Pairs – Fun Educational Baby Games

KidsBabyBus HD
How are exceptional observational skills developed? Play [Baby Learns to Match]! “The Greatest Minds” are developed at a young age!
Think, what tools do you need to put out a fire? Look around, where is the umbrella hidden? Click a little, find the elephant’s tail!
Exercise thought, learn common knowledge, and improve observational skills to become the next Sherlock Holmes!

— Product Description —
Animal playgrounds, fruit farms, career recognition center… 60+ exciting levels waiting for you to explore!
Throw a lifesaver when drowning, doctors need stethoscopes… match teh correct objects to expand knowledge of everyday occurences!
The basketball hiding amongs the oranges, the hat hiding in the turtle’s shell… find the corresponding items to develop observational skills!
Lift the basketball up to dunk it, wear a policeman’s cap to direct traffic… the animations are full of surprises, and make learning never boring!


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