BABY LONG LEGS Has a TWIN SISTER?! (Cartoon Animation)

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The evil CEO makes a new Sister Long Legs spider to win Baby Long Legs trust and take him out. Player has to save Baby Long Legs at the last second, and prevent him from being turned into a horrible monster!

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  1. I Love how player team with mommy long legs

  2. What’s the point of making baby long legs if you’re gonna kill him?

  3. This was such a great animation! I'm glad to see MLL qns player work together again but I do wish Sissy was turned good

  4. Can we have more Genshin impact 🙂

  5. I can see what the next video is gonna be. "Baby Long Legs has a DYING GRANDFATHER??"

  6. sum how i met the creator and he gave me the key to the upstairs

  7. you can bring daddy long legs to the next episode

  8. Baby long legs really should’ve listen to player

  9. a new game is comeing soon is mr hopp plss make mr hopp vid

  10. Well Mommy
    longlegs in player sometimes are already helping together

  11. so what about (sonic and tails meet mommy long legs)

  12. Baby long legs looks nothing like how he does
    He should also be yellow

  13. it's been so long so have my son to this monster 👾 wait is that the Purple man's pet spider

  14. You shore make a babysitter for baby long lags

  15. Grate happy story bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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