Baby Huggy Wuggy Is A Monster #3 – So Sad Story Poppy Playtime Animation

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Baby Huggy Is A Monster #3 – So Sad Story Poppy Playtime Animation
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You must already hear about or play Poppy Playtime, a survival horror video game developed and published by indie developer MOB Games. In the game, you meet HUGGY WUGGY, a large, cute humanoid figure, and KISSY MISSY, her specialty is most likely to kiss.

Currently, we’re making animations about Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and their friends (Friday Night Funkin’) crossover with Doll (SQUID GAME). They take their adventure around the world. So, what if they come by HUGGY WUGGY and KISSY MISSY world? It’s must be a good story to tell.

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Producer – Vu Huy
Director – Thanh Tan
Scriptwriter – Thien Ky
Artist – Gia Huy, Anh Phuong, Hoang Hiep,Hy Khanh,Minh Chau
Animator – Phuoc Hai
Voice Talent – To Uyen, Gia Hung
Compositor – Dai Thien


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