Baby Games for Your 4 to 6 Month Old

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Here are six games for your 4 to six month old that help your baby hit both mental and physical developmental milestones. (1) Roll Over, (2) Standing Tall, (3) Pretend Play, (4) Knee Games, (5) So Big, and (6) the Scooting Game. We also could not leave out the all-time classic, Peekaboo! Have fun entertaining your little one while helping him or her get smarter at the same time.

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Smart Baby, Clever Child Book:

Finger Puppet:

Rattle Ball: (they no longer make the rattle ball we used in this video but here is another option)


  1. My girl doesn’t seem to care much for her toys. Anyone have suggestions for helping with the rolling?

  2. Amazing!! 👏🏻 Where did you get the bird finger puppet? I love that activity! Can’t wait to try it with my 4 month old 😬

  3. My six months baby don't like tummy time. She starts crying very soon .not more than five minutes.How could I make her to enjoy tummy time

  4. Thanks for this video…my daughter turn 4 month old…I will definitely try these all

  5. It’s not correct make the baby sit down , if he still doesn’t sit alone , not good for the development healthy back !!!! All the type baby chair as well !!!! :/👎👎👎👎

  6. As well it’s not good make baby development faster then it is :(((
    Definitely not …!!!! Physiotherapist says this !!! Horrible video

  7. Thanks so much!! Just so worry don’t know what to play with my 4.5months baby now and love watching this ❤️

  8. May I start now these all games 2dy my baby boy completed 3 month

  9. This video is amazing! Literally smiled through the entire thing. Definitely going to try these with my little guy. Thank you!

  10. My baby is was 4 months yesterday and going to try this on her

  11. Thank you my niece is going to turn 4 months les then a week

  12. Been married 7 years without a child. But I still keep watching videos such as these. My hubby wants to be financially stable so to give quality to our child and so that is why we don't have a baby. Still waiting for financial stability. Nothing as yet and no baby either. 😪😪

  13. Don't know if I would ever be graced with a baby as cute as yours🙁I just know that I would definitely be a mum like you are in this video with your baby

  14. Mujhe English nahi ati mujhe kuch samj m nahe aya ..😭 hindi m bato

  15. All the games are hopeful thank you for sharing

  16. Nonsense video, consult doctor before making baby stand with support or else bend legs

  17. Wow! Very helpful tips. Thank you!

  18. Brilliant – thank you. My girl has just turned 4 months so I'll be doing some of these games x

  19. how long did you take to record this video?

  20. Awesome! Thank you for the explanations and deeper insight. We do so many of these activities except with music in Babies Music class. Instead of "good job" since they're not trying to perform, we validate their efforts all the time and tell them "that's it" "there you go" or just give them hugs and kisses of encouragement and appreciation! Being a baby and being a mommy is hard work!

  21. love this video but i'm confuse can we hold baby from their wrist & pull them is it ok for their shoulders🙄i thought actually i heard that if we pull baby from their wrist then it would be dangerous plz tell me about this🤗 thanks

  22. My baby born on 15 nov 2020 so now he will be called a 3 month baby or 4 month baby

  23. Hii am frm kerala… i try this ✌️😁for my baby

  24. Such an adorable baby..and good information …how old is he???

  25. video is really perfect😍little boy is so cute.. But I ll never pull a baby forarms because this is an action of examination and has risk of a pulled elbow.

  26. My baby is turning 4month, I was literally similing while watching n your baby is so adorable.

  27. How old is he in this video?

  28. Cutii baby with super mom luv u both frm india

  29. I don’t have any kids, I just watched just for the baby.

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