Baby Games for Your 4 to 6 Month Old

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Here are six games for your 4 to six month old that help your baby hit both mental and physical developmental milestones. (1) Roll Over, (2) Standing Tall, (3) Pretend Play, (4) Knee Games, (5) So Big, and (6) the Scooting Game. We also could not leave out the all-time classic, Peekaboo! Have fun entertaining your little one while helping him or her get smarter at the same time.

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Smart Baby, Clever Child Book:

Finger Puppet:

Rattle Ball: (they no longer make the rattle ball we used in this video but here is another option)


  1. The video is very helpful. Thank you! When i saw the video, I found that the sofa and the dinner table are very pretty and I would like to know where you bought them. I would appreciate if you would let me know. Thank you!

  2. some of the games are not suitable for 4-6 months baby,

  3. I'm looking for the type of solutions where the baby can entertain itself while I can focus on something else. Like a toy or whatever. So far nothing works

  4. Nice idea … My baby is 4 month old and I m also playing with her same

  5. Lol…my baby is super active… All these games fall flat in front of him… 😂😂😂

  6. Soo adorable 🥰 How old is your baby here? My bub is 4 mos old now. But he can’t sit like this yet.

  7. hello, i wanna ask, how old your baby boy?

  8. Making a baby stand and sit before he's ready… 🙁 Terrible idea

  9. I need help !!!! Please respond!! So, I have a 3month old son, (Miracle Baby) is it to early to introduce toys that are loud and colorful? Can he get overstimulated? My husband and I have bought SO many little toys big & small . I’m really worried I’m doing it all wrong and I’m causing him to get anxious. While playing he watches very interested. Did I mention he’s already talking? He says momma / dada / his sisters name, Hannah/ Nana and I’m good/ oHh !! And I love ooohhh lol. Please help

  10. Luved the video!! Thanks for great games ❤️

  11. Hi mam my baby is completing 4 months in next week but he is not so active still his head is not got so stubble getting scared of him what all milestones he should reach now he is not doing it ….any tips to improve him mam

  12. May i know exactly how old is your baby in this video….would be of great help. And he is so playful….lovely.

  13. 4 Month baby girl's mother, my baby's weight is not getting gain, plus talk to me, what should I do so that her weight gain

  14. Hi, I want to try these with my 4months old, I was wondering how old is your kid at the time of the filming? Please let me know thanks.

  15. Thank for sharing ❤ My 4 months boy try to crawl so hard but nothing happen cause he not use his knee but he use his arm very good and now he move around by his tummy 360* 😂🤣 i will try your crawl tip. Hope he can crawl fast. 😁

  16. My 2.5 month old is rolling well already and making attempts at scooting

  17. This is useful ❤️ my baby is 6 months old

  18. My baby boy is 4 months old.Can I start this excersie???
    Perfect vedio ❤

  19. Woow you make parenting so easy.. Definitely trying this on my almost 5months baby

  20. Your baby so cute and funny smile…

  21. My daughter turned 4 can i try this standing game with her.

  22. he's soooo cute! And it was fun watching mum play and have fun too!!! Will try these today!

  23. I love this! My baby will be 4 months next week. Can I go ahead and start these games now? Thanks for this!

  24. Hi, my baby didn't get control over her head. she is 3 months.

  25. Awwww 🥰 sooo cute and sooo interesting, thank you ❤️👍👍👍

  26. Hello madam, now how is your baby? Looking pretty this video….
    my son turn 5 th month old it will be very helpful video. ❤

  27. He is soooooo cute! I wanna play with him too!

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  29. I just woke up and watched this video…such a beautiful bond ❤️❤️❤️

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