Baby Games for Your 4 to 6 Month Old

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Here are six games for your 4 to six month old that help your baby hit both mental and physical developmental milestones. (1) Roll Over, (2) Standing Tall, (3) Pretend Play, (4) Knee Games, (5) So Big, and (6) the Scooting Game. We also could not leave out the all-time classic, Peekaboo! Have fun entertaining your little one while helping him or her get smarter at the same time.

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Smart Baby, Clever Child Book:

Finger Puppet:

Rattle Ball: (they no longer make the rattle ball we used in this video but here is another option)


  1. What is the name of the song you sang? Lovely video and great tips!

  2. You shouldn't make babies practice movements or positions that they can not execute by themselves. It really can harm movement development. They will learn by their own, following their inner program. You don't need to help, you should just provide them big and safe enough environment.

  3. Thank you for this video! It's great to see dad and I have been doing activities that are helping our son. Hes 4 months and 6 days.

    Thabk you for the book recommendation, I will be buying this book to further help ourchild.

  4. 😂😂😂😂🙈😂🙈😂🙈😂🙈😂🙈😂

    Fear the dad!!! Hahahah

    A game I play with Zay (Izayah) but he is a burrito. Lol

  5. Thanks for the tips! My daughter is 3 1/2 months and she’s so alert and curious now. Trying to find ways to engage her.
    *Also, loved seeing the dad pretend to eat him at the end. Classic dad stuff. 😂

  6. بوالسلريبسيلىل اليبوقءبثقناقيي says:

    Wwwaw .

  7. Awesome 👌thank you dear..definitely I will try this to my girl who is just 4months now😍

  8. Hi mam ,I have 4month20 days old baby girl,but she can't stand yet plz mam give me solutions wht can I do?

  9. I felt sad at the end baby is tired but you are still wanting him to play. Baby is so adorable and pretty. Stay blessed

  10. I dont think we should force standing at this stage..

  11. เพลงกล่อมเด็๋ก - Lullaby Music [SMG] says:

    Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😜😘😍👍👍

  12. Hi my son s going to complete 5 months old but still he s not rolling I m just tens he s going to turn both sides

  13. He is just so lovely , how old was he at this stage.

  14. Grate video.
    Love the way u and ur little man worked together.
    Really nice to see.

  15. My baby 5 month old with hes brain problem

  16. Hi
    Glad to see such a cute n happy baby…soo active baby..
    Ammm wanna ask that ma baby girl is just 4 months old but she is not active enough..
    She don’t have strong eye contact,mot much tummy time nor head hold for long time..
    Is it normal for 4 months old..??

  17. Very nice games..will try these with our baby..:) thank you
    Ur baby is superrrr adorable..:)

  18. you dont need to do somuch in the purpose of devloping his motor skills or physical growth, just play with him make him laugh, just enjoy you and him playing with each other…. that will only help develop to his physical growth naturally… growth should happen naturally. we dont go around the plant and pull it up to grow fast… you dont need to do anything to grow.. all your purpose must be to just give him company, in creative manner along the way he grow…

  19. Good thing I'm doing the right games for my 5month old baby ♥️

  20. Your baby is very cooperative with all the games 😀

  21. But i think the baby himself should try turning without help. Only then he will learn. May b we can assist.

  22. Hi
    It’s really amazing 🤩.My baby is 4 months old and still struggling to hold up her head and she prefers to keep right side. Do you think you could give some activity for her please?

  23. I smiled through this whole video. Wait for it to be morning now, so i can play with my baby 😭🥺💙

  24. I love ur ideas …. thanku for sharing with us … 😊

  25. It's video that I searching for…
    Thank you😄

  26. Sending hugs to the little champ 😘🤗

  27. i love this! will definitely try these games to my 5 month old baby.❤️

  28. I loved this video. Am definitely going to practice it with my 5 months old girl

  29. My son is 4 and half month old.He can't standing tall. Should I consult with a pediatrician???please reply

  30. Thanks for the song! Now i have the ideal song for the klicking soung i make with my tongue that she loves😁🐎 English isnt our first language so im not familiar with the jolly songs of such kind. Im really grateful for the playing ideas and i think theyre quite natural but there's reason and purpose behind each game and that's helpful for parents to be aware of.

  31. Lovely video 👌🏾 The anticipation during peekaboo ❤ Will definitely be including those in our play routine with my 4 month old son

  32. thanks for the tips! my baby is 5 months old . we try that

  33. @actively family How old is your cute boy?

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