Baby Games for Girls

Baby Games for Girls

There are so many baby games for girls and boys that it’s hard to choose. We’ve compiled a list to narrow down your options. These are the best titles with cool gameplay and addictive mechanics. But most importantly, they are all available for free.

Browser-Based Adventures

Find the Differences: Sweet Babies

Find the Differences Sweet Babies

Each level shows you 2 pictures. Looking the same, they are actually not identical. Search for minor details. Tap on the screen once you see it. Hurry up! The timer won’t let you go on forever. Deal with the task for about a minute and complete all 10 levels.

Baby Hazel: Hair Care

Baby Hazel Hair Care

You’re about to do the most difficult thing in your life. Cut the hair of a little kid that is scared of scissors! Come up with a way to distract its attention. Use toys and act quickly while the child is busy playing.

Babysitter: Crazy Daycare: Among the Best Baby Games for Girls

Babysitter Crazy Daycare

Do you think you can take care of a toddler? What about 3 of them? Make sure you don’t go nuts with them. They’ll cry, laugh, be naughty and constantly need your help. Change their diapers, entertain and put them to sleep.

Mommy Accident ER

Mommy Accident ER

A pregnant woman fell and got some injuries: bruises, cuts, etc. Become a doctor and help the poor thing. Tend to the wounds, use a laser to kill bacteria, patch up the cuts. There are other procedures to complete. Make sure you do everything right to save 2 lives: the mother and the child.

Paws to Beauty: Baby Beast

Paws to Beauty Baby Beast

Take care of 4 cute animals: a leopard, gorilla, wolf, and hyena. They’re dirty, so clean them to make their fur shiny. You’ll need water, soap, a towel, and a hairdryer. In the end, add some accessories for fun! For example, a necklace or cool glasses.

Funny Daycare

Funny Daycare

Imagine being a nanny in an animals’ kindergarten. Cook meals for a panda. Deal with mosquito bites on an elephant’s trunk. Prepare a bath for a dirty piggy. In short, there are lots to do to make them happy!

Idle Evolve

Idle Evolve

The title will give you wooden boxes. They hide small kids. Turn them into an older version by matching identical ones. Each will generate coins which you can use to buy more boxes faster. Are you patient enough to get to the last stage – grandpa or grandma?

Summing Up

There are only some baby games for girls. They are sure to be interesting to boys as well. Play them online and don’t install anything on your device if you don’t want to. Enjoy emulator games online here at!