Baby Games Final

Jonathan Herston
Father and baby games from Malcolm’s Job, for Chapter 6 presentation paternal and maternal interaction with infants


  1. With Hal's winings he can bring them out to a nice dinner

  2. Gawddammit Mr. White, yeah bitch!!!😅😅😅

  3. If only Walt found something like this with Holly, he wouldn't need to enter the meth business 😂

  4. Not a dad, but my reasoning would be this, honey yes this is wrong but I won $200.00 and $100.00 for kid's college fund and $100.00 for you, I get the gloating.

  5. Mr white, did you work with tuco salamanca

  6. Now I know why Walt Jr was walking with a cane in Breaking Bad 😅

  7. What season and episode was this please

  8. I really wish they showed noticing Lois. I can see that right when he sees her, he probably does a shirt scream. His excuse would be “Lois… uh, we were just… playing with the kids.” The fathers would quickly grabs their kids to leave, but Lois says she’s going to call all of their wives.

  9. Just do it like we practiced in the garage hahaha lol

  10. Is it just me or is that first baby to fall the one who plays older Jamie?

  11. So funny..too bad it cuts out b4 u see him singing about how they lost cuz they wouldnt put their babies in harms way then turns around and sees her standing there with "the look".

  12. the entire family faces at the end XD
    Lois, Francis, Resse, Malcom and Dewey agree for first time XD

  13. At first, the visual may look bad, but the babies were enjoying themselves. 😄

  14. Well, they are having relatively safe fun with their kids

  15. The best daddies of all time😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  16. I didn't even watch or like this show, but this clip is funny as hell,, surprised it doesn't have more views

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