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A Gameplay of Baby Games Educational Games. It’s fun and makes babies and little kids learn in a fun and easy way. In this video babies will learn common words of everyday life in English.
It’s a super fun game with more other fun things like: Music Room, Pop ‘n Play, Fireworks, Baby Phone, Sing Rhymes and Play Rhymes. And the best thing is that it has absolutely NO in-app purchases & NO ADS.

Sincere thanks to: RV AppStudios for making this fun game.
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Entertain your baby for hours with “Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words”, a fun, simple, colorful, and FREE educational phone game designed with kids and toddlers in mind!

Learning is fun with Baby Games, and there are plenty of mini-games and educational activities here to keep babies interested. It starts with pictures of animals, children can match to the sounds they make. There are also balloon popping games, musical learning modes, fun activities, and more. It’s the perfect baby phone game to keep the little ones entertained.

Baby Games has a lively and easy to use interface that’s perfect for kids between six and twelve months old. One and two year old toddlers or even kindergarteners will have fun with it, too! While playing, children of all ages will laugh and giggle as they explore all the fun activities at their fingertips, helping to develop attention and observational skills along with memory and fine motor control.

Baby Games also features fun nursery rhymes, baby songs, and rhyming games for kids and toddlers in an easy to use child-safe interface. Some of the nursery rhymes include the ABC alphabet song, Five Little Ducks, Humpty Dumpty, Rain Rain Go Away, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and more.

Here’s a quick look at the baby phone games featured in this app:

1. First Words – Kids can learn all about the sounds birds and animals make, complete with pictures to match them with. Play the “What’s this?” game to see how many they can remember!

2. Music Room – As every parent knows, kids love to make noise. Help your toddler develop their motor skills and appreciation for certain sounds by turning them loose in the Music Room. Four different instruments are ready to play with, everything from drums to pianos, trumpets, and xylophones. Babies can make their own music by tapping the screen, and they’ll hear real sounds with every touch!

3. Pop ‘n Play – Kids as well as adults love popping toy balloons. It’s exciting to tap the screen and watch the images burst and disappear! This mode features regular balloons, animal shaped balloons, and smiley balloons, all ready to pop with one touch. There’s even a bonus fruit smash game that helps kids build coordination and motor skills.

4. Fireworks – Look at the sky, it’s fireworks! Babies can tap or drag to create a dazzling show of lights, complete with authentic sound effects. Multi-touch support is included, so kids can set off fireworks with all five fingers at once!

5. Baby Phone – A fantastically fun mode that helps children learn different animal sounds, nursery rhymes, lullabies and musical notes by playing with a virtual phone! Make a pretend phone call to an animal and it will answer, complete with a cartoon face and real sound effects! Kids can press the colorful buttons to hear many different sounds and learn about animals, numbers, and even play nursery rhymes.

Baby Games is the perfect tool to help children, toddlers, and babies to build memory and observational skills. It’s colorful and easy to use, and it includes a number of fantastic mini-games that will suit any child’s preferences.

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