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Triplet Baby Birth Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator – Baby care Games


Open the doors of your hospital to a pregnant mommy in need of an emergency surgery!! She is in very much pain and only you and your hospital can save her at the moment!! This game is not only a pregnant surgery game but also a baby care and mom care game where you have to take care of both of them so they are out of any possible pain.

This game is a full pregnant operation surgery game as well as a baby nursery game!! First you take care of the pregnant mom before her surgery, then you complete the surgery and after the surgery when the baby has been born you have to commence with baby care at the hospital nursery!! Where there will be a lot of fun things to play with for you and for the baby!

The game is based step by side before, during and after mommy pregnancy surgery procedure, which include different processes through which you take care of mommy in any way possible, then you prepare her for surgery, then through cesarean operation you get the baby and the newborn baby is finally born, and after that take care of the baby by taking care of its infant needs.

From resting the mommy requires critical condition emergency inspection, so as the best doctor around, help her before her cesarean operation begins!!
Download now for a fun mommy games experience because surprise, surprise! Mommy is giving birth to triplet baby!!

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
• Start game
• Select mommy simulator
• Play game step by step levelled game
• MOM CARE LEVEL: First step contains mom care
• Firstly, give mommy some food in mom care hospital
• The screen will have multiple food variety options for mommy to choose food from
• After food it is time to make her rest and sleep for a while
• Turn of the lights and put her to bed
• Turn off lamp
• Give her the blanket so she can sleep and dream peacefully.
• CRITICAL CONDITION LEVEL: transfer mom to emergency surgery room for operation attention
• While taking her to the surgery room give her oxygen mask before maternity surgery officially begins
• Take her temperature on the way to ease her pain and fever
• Then check her blood pressure and take blood test for triplet baby genes
• Then check the ultrasound to know the gender of triplet baby before maternity operation
• Give mom anesthesia injection
• After injection works, start the cesarean surgery
• Get the triplet baby one by one
• Stitch operation surgery triplet baby cesarean mark on mommy stomach
• Ease the mommy by giving her bandage on her baby scar
• BABY CARE LEVEL: give triplet baby a shower
• Warm up the triplet baby and wrap them in their blankets
• Make them smell nice and stay soft by putting on powder and wiping away any dirt
• Buy baby some toys for them to play with

• Step by step levels
• Many pregnant mommy and baby care characters in maternity hospital game
• Triplet baby surgery simulator
• Full process pregnancy surgery operation
• Emergency hospital nursery setting
• Multiple surgical instrument simulator
• Mom care and baby care facilities
• Attractive features
• Fun sound effects

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  1. she has surgery but er eyes are open and looking at us

  2. Please stop making these kind of game…these are not good for kids

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