Baby Builds a SECRET Gaming Room!

Baby Builds a Secret Gaming Room to Hide From Daddy!


None of these actions should be replicated in real life, these videos are purely for entertainment.


  1. What game good game I wanna be in a grade a game I already subscribe to your videos

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  3. 1 2 Buckle My Shoe 3 4 Buckle Some More 5 6 Nikke Kicks YOOO THAT WAS FIRE!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎

  4. Can you do a Gaming video where all your friends play video games in who's you daddy 2 hours long

  5. Gara always asks can I be in the grimy gan in every vidio

  6. I love you guys and my class loved one two buckle my shoe same as me I love it so much I sing it like everyday

  7. I already subscribed but can you show me what is the games name?

  8. And I’m such a fan I watch your videos like every day

  9. I’m going to do the gritty right now

  10. Really greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy gang gang gang yeah do you Lacasa oh yeah and I’m gonna subscribe and like your video yeah oh yeah I wish I meet you in real life and I am from America New York

  11. I'm a subscriber can i join the griddy gang

  12. I really want that game pls give me chicken nuggets

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