Another Game DESTROYED By Sweet Baby

Rev says desu
Former Rocksteady dev recently confirmed that DEI is making characters ugly. Coincidently, it has now been confirmed that Sweet Baby was hired for the production of the Wolverine game and designs speak for themselves.

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  1. That is in no way the same character you cant convince me that this is the same character.
    the Benefit of forcing cultural change is that you can control people thru their culture this is the tool of marxsists

  2. I still think Aloy from Horizon looks fine. But maybe I don't see the problem with her.

  3. 3:34 I don't think it's to spite gamers. I mean, that could be part of it, but I don't think that's the main reason. I'd bet you anything these decisions are coming from obese feminists and nonbinary dudes pretending to be women. Remember Stellar Blade? People were frothing at the mouth over how "unrealistic" the character was, despite being modeled off a real woman. They don't want to be reminded how ugly they are, so they try to make game characters look like them. They're trying to destroy beauty standards so people don't view them as hideous monsters.

  4. I love it. They never stop to think that maybe women also like attractive women as well.

  5. There is also a part of it that feels like a Scam. Thet hate Gamers so they have found a way to continuously fund taking down Studios by getting them to fund their own demise!!!! I bet they celebrate each time it happens and that they cant believe how dumb the people they hate are to keep falling for it!

  6. As expected from the people, who can't define what a woman is.

  7. 5:58 Really?! SBI, the company, that admittedly LOVES terrifying people, is complaining about being harassed?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 6:53 The Merriem-Webster was edited recently, orwellian 1984 style, so that THE (WOKE) PARTY can be always right.

  8. It's sad seeing this crap corrupt the best studios in the industry…..

  9. Gotta say ill be hopeful that this isnt the case and that Jean will look better than this

  10. Seems that SBIs approach to terrify the marketing department when they are not involved has turned against them….😅
    Almost like evil behaviour results in bad outcome…who could have guessed

  11. Man, they made Jean Grey look like a retired stripper

  12. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 really did Jean Greys design justice. I really did take that for granted

  13. The more I see of this, the more it makes me think that this is the gaming equivalent of defacing someone with an acid attack out of pure jealousy. Especially when it comes to real women that have their likeness be represented in the games, this could be seen as an act of defacement. In other words: Karens gonna karen.

  14. If they made Wolverine a game where all the characters are older, at least make Jean Grey looking like Gemma from Sons of Anarchy or Polly from Peaky Blinders.. she doesn't needs to be old and look miserable and ugly

  15. I'm just not gonna bother with anything involved with sweet baby inc. As will many more like me. Sick of the uncanny valley trend.

  16. I so weird to me that studios still hire SBI after all the damages and controversies they already caused. Do they want these games to fail or what? Like what is even going on, they completely lost their grip on reality.

  17. Holy hell, the embodiment/host of the Phoenix force should not be this hideous creature…

  18. SBI may as well start making Call of Cthulhu games. The kind of characters they make is fit for an eldritch horror movie. And the kind of storylines…would make even a Great Old One puke.

  19. That picture comparing male to female models in games is exactly what I say. That also counts as costs to make games. You pay an actor to use their looks and you end up not using it. They're not cheap.

  20. We need a new antivirus to remove Sweet Baby contamination from games.

  21. They're trying to change the "average" look of western women to be more like trans women to normalise that specific look.
    Look at the changes they always make; more masculine physique, more masculine jaw, (adams apples in some of them) and more masculine personalities.
    They look less attractive, because they look less like what men find attractive in women, and more about what women find attractive in men.

    Look at that pic of Jean; it's literally just Kaitlen Jenner.
    That's also why they get so offended about it.
    Let's face it, it's not the "we made them uglier so that our customers, who are ugly, can more easily project themselves onto them."

  22. Jean Grey's model is a transsexual. Look at the rib cage and lats. That's a man's torso.

  23. i don't buy it. sounds like a blame to me. maybe he pitched those aunty and when failed, blame the consultant.
    I mean, for all the receipt we have, SBI could have told them to make character more beautful but dev holds the last say and choose the ugly one anyway.

  24. If i owned a gaming company, and SBI approached me I would tell them to kick rocks.

  25. I don’t understand why they choose to use a conventionally attractive woman and then downgrade her in-game instead of using someone that fits in with how they want the character to look?

    Like everyone doesn’t have to be conventionally attractive in the games I play but choose someone that’s not that instead of choosing an “attractive” woman and downgrade.

  26. They're not uglifying women, they're making them look like trans women, normalising the male body type as the female norm.

  27. it doesn't matter how much you talk about it, it won't change anything. stop buying this shit, your wallet is the only thing that makes these companies rethink their actions

  28. i cant wait for witcher RE oh wait morden GAYME

  29. I liked games better when they weren't influenced by some rando, saying what's good and what's not, when said rando has no idea what good taste is at all, I thought this lady was someone else's auntie for crying out loud! Defund the gaming and animation "correction" police.

  30. And AAA wonder why indie games have had so much success in recent years… this is one of the reasons, the indies don't have to pander to some board owned by a bunch of politically motivated morons.

  31. they should be arrested for hate crime, this can't continue

  32. The band A Perfect Circle might want to talk to Insomniac Games

  33. >Palestine flag
    Oh boy, some dumb shit is going to be said

  34. Jean doesn't look very well, she looks like she's been taking meth for the last 20 years

  35. These Woke companies needs to be stopped from being sexist

  36. I love that leftoids go, "I hate to make the right's point valid… but… it's literally exactly what they're saying, yet somehow I'm still going to be on the wrong side."

  37. The brainless consumers that buy or play anything just for the sake of having new content are part of the problem too

  38. This jean grey looks old enough to be my mom. Btw, I'm in my 40s

  39. Can someone remove the cancer that is Sweet Baby Inc from our beloved gaming industry once and for all?

  40. wait she look like mary jane from PS spaiderman 2

  41. unrealistic..what they're saying is women never try to look their best.

  42. For anyone wondering about the "why?", it's because they hate women.

  43. 4:31 OG Jean Gray
    4:40 That's hardly even Jean Gray in that picture. More like the G Man from Half Life 2. ("Rise and shine, Mr Freeman" ahh face design.

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