Don’t trust the baby in yellow… and actually this is 12 Scary Games!


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  1. So that's how the baby in yellow was like one year before

  2. Exorcising the baby across the room made me die laughing.

  3. The baby isn't possessed by a demon, it is possessed by the great old one Hastur. Mark should flee

  4. markiplier: speaking backwards.
    subtitles: smack your eggs. smack your eggs here with this in the club.

  5. mark needs to play the white rabbit update of the baby in yellow it’s actually progressed so much more than what it use to be

  6. isnt there a different ending to the baby in yellow game?

  7. ************************************************** says:

    Was that the bite of 87

  8. The baby in yellow there's actually a lot more to that game and a way to survive

  9. every time i try to see one of mark's videos the ad is almos always fnaf sb intro scene

  10. Could be cool if he made a reverse outro as well

  11. That stare the baby was giving him …oof that was horrifying

  12. I love a good King In Yellow homage. Did not expect it like this

  13. did anyone else reverse the audio on snap chat LMAOOO

  14. What is the game called that was the short 10 retro kinda games?

  15. The flashlight mini game is about smacking the flashlight until it flashes, instead of just whaling through it.

  16. Well if they're runaways, they're still missinb.

  17. Mark: would you stop sliding on the floor
    The nun: teleports

  18. the captions for the begging bit just kept saying:

    "smack your eggs"

  19. Why does does the baby look like Supreme leader Snoke from star wars

  20. There is like another ending where you escape the baby I think?

  21. I like how Markiplier slowly Got more terrified as the baby started getting more demonic

  22. The full version is out now and they said they add more content too, i hope Mark comes back to play te full version that be fun to see

  23. in the baby in yellow game there’s things you can pick up that apparently have souls in them that the baby stole

  24. Translation: Git up your fellow, heard problems and um
    Snake ur eggs here with this McFlow
    Weef- snake your eggs, yeah naro wait if it (crack head smile)
    Bear it falls (n-word) bear over doushys dic-( Looks like my smile)
    Hey nashin you up? ( what edgy people think they look like while trying to be scary)
    I’ll finish ( a smile I almost laughed at because of the nose)
    End words:
    Hey nasha ( weird seizure noises) get off your baby yeh?
    They ksnew they were evil
    Smeg your eggs get on with it
    Heard your world (seizure noises) well mine snurf in the and mine enough
    Sloshy very good 🙂
    Laugh whitty mounth (n- word) eggs throw me- slosh very good
    (Seizure noises)
    I’m waking up
    Why is yours hand in me? O.O

    (Theory: nasha had to snake her eggs and Markiplier thinks Slosh is very good.) AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW I SPEND 31 MINUTES TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HE IS SAYING AND I KNOW IT IS IN REVERSE

  25. Ghosts in 2066 ouija board
    person:what is your fav body part

  26. That second one is definitely wario ware, that's awesome someone made that type of game

  27. The first jumpscare Markiplier looks like a hamster and I can't unsee it lol

  28. Ahh I see, the nun in the first game is apart of Mariah Carey’s fandom, The Lambs.

  29. My family's favorite wii game is juts like the second game with the mini games! Uts called smooth moves and it's super fun and silly!!!!

  30. Mark: * nodding and talking backwards *
    Me: * laying in bed not knowing what the fuck is going on: 👁️👄👁️

  31. He sometimes sounds like Sus from Gravity falls n I can’t get it out of my head

  32. After all this time, I think I just realized the baby is a reference to The King in Yellow from lovecraft lore…unless it's just a coincidence.

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