Don’t trust the baby in yellow… and actually this is 12 Scary Games!


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  1. Am I the only one who reversed the intro Orr? Show yourselves!!
    I watched enough gravity falls

  2. Mark in intro: *talks backwards*

    Subtitles: get up your herald problems and then um…smack your eggs here with this in the club…smack your eggs yeah wait if it just falls over nice dude

  3. Sir Markiplier i recommend you a game titled a plague tale of innocence i swear that game looks incredible and a good game too!puhlease…

  4. subtitles for the intro say " smack your eggs with this here club" like what

  5. you stop when the light is on… i wanted to scream in agony🥲

  6. Here’s his opportunity to punch a nun in the face

  7. The way he said thunk thunk and swinger baby and he was alone sitting down it looked like a transition a smooth one😂😂

  8. Why were you speaking sim in the first clip

  9. i played the whole game of the baby in yellow

  10. it's making me mad that Mark hasn't figured out how to do the flashlight one lmao you gotta catch it when the flashlight flickers on

  11. Now, I’m not known as a motherly person, but I must say, no baby has ever made me feel hostile, until now. This one I’m gonna drop kick into ten years ago.

  12. Baby: turns into a full on demon from some sort of hell
    Mark: You done throwing a temper tantrum?

  13. Baby: gets sucked back in to the hell it came from and brings the baby sitter with it
    Mark: Ok, I need a raise if I'm gunna sit this baby…

  14. "you in the closet baby?" i think it's too young to decide on its sexuality

  15. Nightcard: no not Russia i from afghanistan

  16. The subtitles in the begging "smack your eggs"

    "… "

  17. u finally played the baby in yellow 2 years ago! how did I not realize

  18. were you speaking the sim language in your intro..?

  19. Is it just me or Mark had a stroke during the first 30 seconds

  20. hey mark you should play baby in yellow again it has three more episodes where you escape

  21. Markiplier: playing and being freaked out by scary games
    My background noise: "SPoNgEbOB sQUarePaNtS"

  22. I kinda wish that The Baby In Yellow could've taken a happier turn and you could've done something like help the baby return back to normal instead of just escaping the demon

  23. I think this child is the offspring of an eldritch god (similar to Cthulu) known as the King in Yellow

  24. These links for the games aren't working. They take me to another game and it's written in these links.

  25. Baby in yellow recently came out on mobile. I downloaded it and the farthest I made it was to 11:44. Then I delete it 🤣

  26. I’ve played baby in yellow and won
    Btw this is their kid

  27. As a mom of 2 I can confirm that this is pretty accurate

  28. The game: Is called Stone House Orphanage.
    Mark: "This is some sort of an orphanage?"
    Me: "Really. You think so? I thought it was a theme park-"

  29. So the flashlight you need to hit few more and then stop by when it's on so keep going or hit faster not gonna work which means you turn off again by hitting it more

    * Only tips comment *

  30. My fav scary game he did is Baby In Yellow. I tried it myself. The baby does need 2 blink. I would hate it 2.

  31. “So what are you about game”
    *literally 1 millisecond later”
    “I HATE IT”

  32. He was speaking german or russian at first bruv

  33. Did Markiplier ever revisit The Baby in Yellow after The White Rabbit update?

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