10 great games for babies: 4 to 6 months

Playing games with your baby is an essential part of his development. Discover 10 games that are perfect for 4-, 5-, and 6-month-olds.

Looking for more ways to bond with your little one? Check out additional fun activities for your baby’s first year:

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  1. The last one pull ups is not recommended (Emma Hubbard mentioned in her video as it is used by doctors and therapist to check babys development but not to be done on daily basis)

  2. My baby hates all those things. 😆 jk. Nice video.

  3. You should not pull the hands like this without holding the shoulder

  4. Great video, short and sweet. I got everything I wanted to know in 90 seconds. Not someone talking down to me for 15 minutes just to explain some fun thing I can do with my kid. Great job !

  5. Thank you for making this short and full of data

  6. Baby pullups are not healthy for a baby. It's just a tool for health workers to evaluate their reflexes and strength.

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